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   Now celebrating our 33rd Anniversary

For 33 years we've organized exciting adventures, study tours and healing missions to the remote high mountain areas of China and Tibet. As a healing mission we provide various forms of health care such as chiropractic, PT and TCM to high mountain villages, hermitages and temples while studying their ancient traditions of health, healing and enlightenment. We learn about Buddhism, Daoism, qigong, Taichi, kungfu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and fengshui with the authentic lineage masters in the land where these ancient traditions come from.

In each intensive tour we pack in as much practice, knowledge, blessings, realizations and fun as possible. The healing missions have a profound life changing effect on the locals and on our practitioners too. Each study tour offers the most in humanitarian work, education, adventure and enjoyment.

Don't miss out! For the price of a regular holiday tour you can have fun and make a positive change in the world. See our schedule of study tours for the summer of 2017 and join us on our next exciting adventure!

*Sacred Journeys 2017 Schedule*

Emei Mountain Zen TCM July 1-10

Nyingma Monasteries Mahasandhi Yoga July 10-24

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