Beijing, 7 days $1200 (single supplement $250)
Stay at the four star Taiwan Hotel.
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Day 1 - Forbidden City, Beihai Park, Lunch by the lake, Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama’s Eternal Peace Temple, Climb the Kalachakra Stupa that looks over the ancient city, Emperor Qianlong’s Temple, Empress Dowager’s Temple, boat ride on the Northern Lake, Dinner at the Emperor’s Banquet, evening reflexology and massage.

Day 2 - The Great Wall and Ming Tombs.

Day 3 - Temple of Heaven, lunch at the Forest of Merit, antique markets, Emperor’s Shopping Street, Peking Duck Dinner, evening reflexology and massage.

Day 4 - Hiking through the Fragrant Mountains of the Western Paradise, Peach Gardens of Longevity, Wall of Clouds Temple, spend the night at the Sleeping Buddha Temple in an ancient monastic Court Yard Mansion.

Day 5 - The Summer Palace, Boat ride on Kunming Lake, tea houses, lunch at the Emperor’s Palace, visit the Yuanming Gardens, Xinjiang dinner and cultural show.

Day 6 - Yonghe Tibetan Temple, Guangji Han Temple, The Great White Mongolian Stupa Temple, lunch at Muslim Barbeque, rickshaw ride through Old Beijing, Peking Opera and dinner show.

Day 7 - White Cloud Daoist Temple, Mongolian Hot Pot lunch, Silk Street clothes market, Shaolin Kungfu show and dinner, reflexology and massage.