Beijing-Xiían-Dunhuang-Golmu-Naqu-Lhasa-Chengdu 14 days $2730 (single supplement $350)
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Day 1 - Arrive in Beijing and check into the four star Taiwan Hotel.

Day 2 - Fly to Xian stay at the Bell Tower Hotel. Terra Cotta Soldiers, Huaqing hot spring, provincial museum, Tang dance show, dumpling banquet.

Day 3 - The Ancient City Wall, and Stele Forest, free market, drive to Dunhuang stay at the Dunhuang Sun hotel.

Day 4 - Mogao Grotto, Mingsha mountain, crescent mountain.

Day 5 - Bus to Germu and stay at the Salt Lake Hotel.

Day 6 - Tuotuo river, Kunlun bridge, Yixiantian, Kunlun spring, Wuji Dragon and Phoenix Palace, earthquake break gap, Kunlun mountain pass, Kekexili grasslands, stele of Yangtse riverís head waters, stay at the Tuotuo River Hotel.

Day 7 - Naqu, 17,300 ft. Tanggula Mountain Pass visit with some Tibetan families, North Tibetan grassland stay at the Naqu Hotel.

Day 8 - Bus to Lhasa and stay at the Shangri-La Hotel. Free day in Lhasa.

Day 9 - Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Jolkang Temple, Barkor Bazaar.

Day 10 - Zhebu Temple, Norbulinka, Tibetan Museum.

Day 11 - Fly to Beijing stay at the Taiwan hotel.

Day 12 - The Great wall, Ming tombs, Beijing opera.

Day 13 - Summer Palace, Antique City, Silk Street, free afternoon, Peking Duck dinner.

Day 14 - Forbidden city, Beihai Park. Fly home.