Emei Mountain 10 days $1820 (single supplement $250)
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Day 1 - Arrive in Beijing check into Taiwan Hotel. Explore the city.

Day 2 - Fly to Chengdu, drive to Emei Mountain, check into the Bao Guo Monastery.

Day 3 - Hike to Fuhu Nunnery, Thunder Temple, Pure Sun Temple, Spirit Water Nunnery, Central Peak Temple, Great Prosperity Temple, Lunch at the Pure Sound Pavilion. Swim in the spring pools, caves and waterfalls, hike through the monkey forest, passed the Ox Heart Temple and spend the night at the Hong Chun Monastery.

Day 4 - Hike to Lao Tsu’s Cave. Stay at the Spirit Peak Temple.

Day 5 - Hike to the Immortal’s Temple and onto Samantabhadra’s Elephant Washing Temple.

Day 6 - Hike to the Golden Summit of Emei Mountain. Visit the Ten Thousand Buddha’s Peak.

Day 7 - Hike down to the Myriad Years Monastery.

Day 8 - Return to the Bao Guo Monastery. Soak in the Hot Spring, reflexology, and massages.

Day 9 - Visit the Maitreya on Bliss Mountain, the world’s largest Buddha statue. Drive to airport and fly back to Beijing.