Tibetan Horse Trek through the Golden Dragon Mountains 13 days $2200 (single supplement $250)
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Day 1 - Arrive in Beijing and check into the four star Taiwan Hotel.

Day 2 - fly to Chengdu drive across Sichuan basin up the Min River valley passing the many Han, Qiang and Tibetan villages to the Golden Dragon Mountain. Check into the three star Min Hotel.

Day 3 - Shop in the Song Village for Tibetan handicrafts, jewelry, chuba long coats, hats, any last minute gear. Mount your horse and ride to the Hou Temple, a Tibetan Gelug Monastery.

Day 4 - Spend the day at the Hou Temple, hiking, playing in the crystal clear streams and visit with the lamas.

Day 5 - Ride through the Zhaga waterfalls up to Bonpo Temple.

Day 6 - Ride to the Laizi Mountain Pass where the Gelug land ends and the Nyingma land begins.

Day 7 - Ride across the 14000ft. pass to the Guru Rimpoche Stupa.

Day 8 - Ride to the Long Chen Nythink Monastery.

Day 9 - Spend the day at the monastery and see all of the miracles.

Day 10 - Ride to the town of Red Plains and spend the night.

Day 11 - Ride by bus through Tibetan villages and temples to Wen Chuan.

Day 12 - Arrive at Chengdu.

Day 13 - Fly to Beijing, explore the city and fly home.