Wutai Mountain 9 days $1450
(single supplement $250)

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Day 1 - Arrive in Beijing check into the Taiwan Hotel.

Day 2 - Fly to Taiyuan and drive to Wutai Mountain. Check into the three star Qixiang Hotel.

Day 3 - Hike to Kuanyin Dong Avalokitshvara’s Cave. Hike to Puxian Dong Samantabhadra’s Cave. Hike to Manjushri’s Cave.

Day 4 - Hike up to the Bodhisattva Peak. Visit Shakyamuni’s Stupa and Manjushri’s Stupa. Guangzong Temple, Shancai Cave, Yuanzhao Temple.

Day 5 - Visit Zhangjia Rimpoche’s Nanhai Monastery. Hike to the unbelievable Mother Buddha’s Cave and the Mother Buddha’s Monastery.

Day 6 - Hike the Central Peak and the Cifu Temple.

Day 7 - Visit the Guangren Monastery, Shuxiang Temple.

Day 8 Drive to the ancient walled city of Pingyao, stay in courtyard mansion.

Day 9 Fly back to Beijing and visit the Forbidden City and Beihai Park. Fly home.