The Dorje Purba Dharma Center

Due to the boundless compassion of the Mahasiddha Adzom Paylo Rinpoche he came to New York City, the center of the world, and created the Dorje Purba Ling to help purify the three root poisons of ignorance, greed and hatred so that our innate love, compassion and wisdom can shine like the sun transforming the darkness of this world into the harmonious society it should be. Dorje Purba is a wrathful Buddha for wrathful people in a wrathful time. At the end of this current yuga, or time period, people are consumed by the three root poisons leading to tremendous societal and environmental degradation. Dorje Purba is the pure compassion of the Buddhas manifesting in a wrathful form to subdue all negativities that are harmful to the planet and its inhabitants.

Rimpoche's Birth

Gyurme Thubten Gyatso was born in the eastern region of the snowy land of Tibet, in an area known as Do Kham. This district has a geological formation which looks like four knots: his area is one of these four. His parents lived in the golden valley where the blue Drichu River swirls around a bend in the river bed, and where the Mandala power places of Hayagriva and Vajra Varahi converge. His father was well known for his compassion. His mother was from a powerful family of Derge. Rinpoche was born to her in 1972 on the Western Calendar in the year of the Water Dog. He was born just before the first full moon of the Tibetan calendar, when all virtues are amplified 100,000 times. Moments prior to his birth on the 14th day of that month, the room filled with inconceivable swirls of light along with a canopy of rainbow lattices and a rain of flowers. Three days after his birth he could speak and his teeth had already grown. Innumerable amazing signs were witnessed. All the Lamas of the region, great and small, universally acknowledged that a holy incarnation, a Tulku, had been born. In particular, the great accomplished master of the practice of severance (Chod), a yogi known as Khen Togka, gave him the name Rigdzin Dorje. For his part, the newborn baby declared that he was the reincarnation of Adzom Gyalse Pema Wangyal. Having awakened tendencies from the past, he beheld all phenomena to be like a dream. Encountering any being who was suffering, he would spontaneously shed tears of compassion. As a child he could be found playing at erecting temples or teaching the Dharma and meditating. Awakening his compassionate tendencies as a Tulku or Nirmanakaya emanation he also displayed unimpeded clairvoyance.

Early Childhood

An Early Picture of Rimpoche
When Gyurme Thubten Gyatso, also widely known as Adzom Rinpoche, was four years old, a local official named Namgyal challenged him, saying “If you are a Tulku, put your hand in this boiling water!” Rinpoche did so immediately, in the presence of many witnesses, without any harm being done. Later the official gained irreversible faith in him. At the ages of six and seven, Thubten Gyatso studied reading and writing with Lama Norbu and Lama Thubten Chokyi, two Lamas from his district. He absorbed his lessons effortlessly and also mastered the key points of the creation and completion stages of Tantra. In this way he became the most exceptional practitioner in the three main provinces. In particular, Chung Rinpoche, Ngawang Chodrak, throne holder of the great Nyingma monastery of Mindroling, prophesied that this boy would later be a great and holy being renowned throughout the world. At about the ages of eight and nine he came upon a yellow scroll with an inventory of Dharma Treasures; it had simply fallen from the sky and into his hands without his seeking for it. In this way a few treasures of enlightened Body, Speech and Mind were revealed. Later, the great refuge Thubten Chokyi Nyima recognized him at the new monastery Tashi Choling as the reincarnation of Rigzin Tsewang Norbu (who helped build the Bodhinath Stupa); he recognized him also as the reincarnation of Gyalse Pema Wangyal and gave him the name Tsewang Norbu. Thubten Chokyi Nyima granted Rinpoche the authority of a Great Lama, set in motion an auspicious interdependence and prophesied that he would bring about the welfare of many beings.


At the age of ten, Rinpoche began a retreat on the Foundational practices, accumulation and purification, while also receiving Dzogchen teachings. At the age of twelve, he was formally recognized by the third Adzom Drukpa Thubten Pema Trinley as the incarnation of Pema Gyalse Wangyal. He received symbolic representations of enlightened body, speech and mind as well as sacred lama robes and ceremonial hat at this formal enthronement. At the monastic establishment of Arik Dzaphu, he received from the main Lama, Lama Pema, and the abbots and monks, the instructions on the Vinaya in their entirety; that is the vows related to novices and fully ordained monks. His training in penetrating the key points of these vows was such that he became acutely sensitive to the need for moral integrity. His awareness became heightened like one who has a spot of dust in their eye. Rinpoche then went on to receive teachings and train under many spiritual friends throughout Tibet, in particular Adzom Drukpa Dorjechang and Karma Dorje Rinpoche. In time, these masters bestowed on him the spiritual authority to be their representative. He received all empowerments, scriptural transmissions and quintessential instruction in order to benefit others. In particular, while Adzom Drukpa III was still alive at Adzom Chogar, he received the commentary on Tri Yeshe Lama and also the Guhyagarbha along with the rediscovered Treasures of the first Adzom Drukpa, “The Luminous Secret Vajra Treasures” (‘Od gsal dorje bzang mdzod). He also received the empowerment and transmission of the Heart Essence (Nyingthig) teachings on numerous occasions. Likewise he received the exceedingly secret teachings of the whispered lineage and also trained in the practice of Chod (Severance), and the various advanced yogas involving energy control and so forth. Drukpa Rinpoche encouraged Rinpoche to train in these practices equally so as to benefit beings. All the teachings and secret precepts of Luminous Secret Vajra Treasures were passed on to Rinpoche along with his inheritance as the lineage holder of Adzom Drukpa For example, he received the tsakali cards needed for the various empowerments, and the sacred hat which brings liberation through seeing. After bestowing spiritual authority upon Rinpoche suringa ceremony to create auspiciousness, the reincarnate Adzom Drukpa made aspirational prayers for Rinpoche’s future activity and offered new predictions about it, stating that he would bring about the welfare of others in a vast way


Rinpoche with the wooden staff he miraculously
plunged into solid rock

Then the two great Lamas, Adzom Drukpa III and Choktrul Riklo, in accordance with predictions they had made previously, advised Rinpoche to establish a major new Chogar (Dharma Encampment) in a great sacred power place. Rinpoche caused new springs to come forth miraculously in this sacred place, in particular the blessed water of his own accomplishments (siddhis) issued forth spontaneously. On one occasion at the cliff behind the monastery, Rinpoche miraculously plunged a long wooden staff into solid rock in front of 300 people. At another time, at a site sacred to Vajrakilaya, on the upper slope of the mountains known as Nine Powerful Brothers, he performed a cleansing ritual to purify this secret place. At that time he made fervent aspiration prayers for there to be peace, happiness, and prosperity among all beings of this world. While he was chanting this prayer, the many hundreds of people present heard the deep rumble of the earth trembling from amidst the mountains. All were struck with wonder at this amazing sign. Their faith grew such that it was irreversible. Rinpoche’s presence in that area has caused the eating of meat to diminish along with the hunting of animals. Rinpoche has initiated the grand ceremony of accomplishing Amitabha’s Pure Land (drub chen). This has now taken place annually for the last few years. Amazing signs have occurred at these events, such as nectar (amrita) raining down from a clear sky (an event that was also captured on film) and on other occasions the rain of flowers and blessed Dharma medicine (mendrub), the appearance of rainbow canopies and tents in the midst of which Buddha Amitabha could be seen clearly talking to his retinue. Numerous ringsel of five colors were also seen rising from the offerings. Just before his passing, the third Adzom Drukpa spoke lovingly about Rinpoche, and elaborated how Rinpoche would benefit beings on a grand scale. During the cremation of Adzom Drukpa an incredible luminous and blazing ringsel (blessed relic) fell into the lap of Adzom Rinpoche. This was seen by all present. Ajuk Rinpoche has said, “Whoever simply wears a medallion with Rinpoche’s picture on it will be protected from lightning, weapons, and the like.” In 2004 in a place called Kojo Awang Trokchu, seven people were huddling under a shelter to get out of the rain when suddenly they were struck by lightning. All of them were struck, yet three died and four were unscathed; the four who survived were all wearing medallions with Rinpoche’s picture. Through his clairvoyance, Rinpoche is famously able to accurately reveal what previous lives people have had. Having that capacity means that Rinpoche also recognizes Tulkus or reincarnate Lamas. In this he is able to dispel any uncertainties because his perception is very precise. He is able to give the names of the parents and the child in this life, along with a description of geographical features of the birthplaces and the birth time of the children being recognized. Wherever Rinpoche goes, people spontaneously arrive to be with him. Even wild animals have been known to crowd around Rinpoche and show devotion and faith, finding it hard to separate from him after hearing kind words. There are filmed images of normally reclusive wild deer and sheep clustering around him by the dozen. Tibetans often weep when they see this. If even animals reveal tangible signs of being blessed by hearing and seeing Rinpoche, it goes without saying that human bengs also respond to him as a deeply realized being. Typically, Rinpoche is deeply relaxed even when continuously concerned for the welfare of others. He has encouraged countless people to commit to the precepts—not stealing, avoiding toxic substances such as smoking, snuff, alcohol and so forth. Likewise Rinpoche has encouraged many to take refuge and to recite mantras such as the Siddhi (Guru Rinpoche) and Mani Mantras. Many have repeated these up to one hundred million times and more. Rinpoche’s actions and thoughts are entirely directed to benefiting others based on being in harmony with the fundamental guidelines to the Buddhist Teachings. He is never intimidated by the immensity of any task. May his lotus feet remain for a hundred eons, and may the teachings of sutra and mantra illuminate the world like the rising sun. May the blazing sun of Dharma arise, benefiting countless beings through thousands of rays of Buddha activity establishing them in the state of perfect bliss. Then may even more beings be led by the catch-all of kindness to awakening. This is truly inconceivable.

In the snowy land of Tibet
Beings such as you are exceedingly rare.
The full moon of the wisdom, love, and power
Of three families has arrived.
You are the supreme protector and refuge
For your students, ourselves, throughout all our coming lives.
Pray may your lotus feet remain for an ocean of eons.
In all our lives may we abide in the Dharma.
And be protected, never apart from the glorious lama’s feet.
Once we have satisfied the lama and ourselves with
The three pleasing actions
May the ocean of trainings reach full fruition.

Samye Chimphu Nunnery

The Dorje Purba Dharma Center is sponsoring Rinpoche's nuns at Samye Chimphu in Tibet. The nuns have diligently built a beautiful chapel high up by the Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal Caves and are engaged in full time practice.