2005 Newsletter

Confucius Says

Before there was Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha or even Lao Tsu there was Confucius. What most of us in the West know about Confucius is written in little blurbs inside of fortune cookies at suburban American Chinese restaurants but yet most people really haven’t studied his teachings or know what an amazing impact he had on Asian civilization. Born on China’s east coast in Shandong, Province he visited many of the ancient kingdoms of China teaching the emperors how to govern their countries in harmony with heaven and earth so that the emperor would keep the mandate of heaven and peace would reign on earth. Confucius wrote the Book of Rites, which is still a cornerstone of Asian governments in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Many other Asian nations have been influenced by his teachings and though he lived over two thousand five hundred years ago he teachings are as pertinent today as they were in ancient times. Lets take a look for ourselves and see if in fact it might be relevant to our own society here in the West using the forty third chapter of the Book of Rites.

The Great Study
The Way of the Great Study is to make bright virtue even brighter, to care for the people and arrive at the highest good. Those that realize this are stable. Only those that are stable can be in peace. Only those that are in peace can be secure. Only those that are secure can have vision. Only those with vision can obtain the Way. All things are impermanent and all affairs must come to an end. Those that know the beginning and ending are close to the Way. The ancients who wished to make bright virtue even brighter under the heavens must first be in control of their countries. Those that want their country under control must keep their house in order. Those that want to keep their house in order must first cultivate their bodies. Those who want to cultivate their bodies must first discipline their minds. Those that want to straighten their minds must first make their thought sincere. Those that want to make their thoughts sincere must arrive at this understanding. To arrive at this understanding the nature of phenomena must be investigated. Only after through investigation can one reach realization. Only after one is realized can they be sincere. Only after one is sincere can their minds be disciplined. Only after their minds have been disciplined can they cultivate their body. Only after their body has been cultivated can their homes be in order. Only after their homes are in order can they control their country. Only after their countries are in control will there be peace under the heavens.

These principles are a guiding light for all people who are in a position of leadership. If in fact if we all practiced more physical cultivation such as yoga, tai chi, qigong and meditation then our bodies will be healthier and our minds will be clearer. Then when we make decisions that affect our families, friends and societies great virtue will abound and heaven will descend upon the earth alleviating the pain and suffering of the world.

Confucius say, ”cultivate, meditate and harmonize heaven and earth”!!!

Acupuncture Enlightenment

All sentient beings experience enlightenment at least two times a day. Once right after falling asleep and once right before waking up in the morning. However, sentient beings who fail to recognize the natural state of their minds during the exchange of night and day continually take rebirth in the six realms of suffering. During the day our minds experience a constant stream of delusional thoughts that produce all of our life’s experiences. Suffering from the exhaustion of our hyperactive minds we get tired and fall asleep. As we fall asleep our cognitive mind turns off for a few moments the natural radiance of our enlightened mind appears. This enlightened space of mind is the ground primordial luminosity of all apparent phenomena. However, due to the lack of a disciplined mind the qi energy that resides in our jingluo channels begins to stir again creating the samsaric dreamscape of our night mind. Our night minds are as active as our day minds and after getting exhausted from that experience we fall asleep, or fall awake once again and the natural radiance of our mind’s true nature appears for just a few moments before getting up in the morning. These are the two times of day that everybody definitely experiences enlightenment but very few people know how to recognize it. To take advantage of this door to enlightenment there are many techniques in the esoteric schools to invoke and realize this enlightened potential. One of them is acupuncture enlightenment.

Our mind is the source of all things. We can surgically remove our arms, legs, organs and head but how can we surgically remove our mind? Where does this mind of ours exist? If this mind of ours is the source of all our life’s experience how can we get to the root of it to liberate our pain and suffering? Our cognitive mind is actually the qi energy coursing all of our channels and organs, which project the illusions of our life’s experiences. Because the conditions of everybody’s channels and organs are different we all experience life differently. Imbalances in the channels and organs create physical and mental illness so the wisdom masters of ancient times gave us the celestial gift of acupuncture to harmonize the body and mind so that enlightenment and liberation can be obtained. When acupuncture needles are strategically placed in our nervous system any excess or deficiencies in the energy flow of our channels or organ systems are harmonized and the mind returns to its original nature free from all contrived imbalances and delusions. That’s why most people not only feel healthy after receiving proper acupuncture treatment they also feel emotionally balanced and blissful. The proper application of acupuncture can produce sublime mental and spiritual qualities so that the state of both non-thought and the illusory nature of thoughts can be recognized bringing about the realization of enlightenment. This is the true purpose of acupuncture. After every acupuncture session a patient should reflect on the great silence of their experience and bring that into their daily meditation.

Stress is the nature of samsara. Relaxation is the nature of nirvana. All of the wisdom traditions have taught us to relax so that meditation can become possible and through the process of meditation the nature of mind can be realized. When acupuncture is administered during the daytime it brings us into a deep state of meditative relaxation similar to the exchange of sleeping and waking. Because it occurs at an odd time in our experience of day mind we can easily reflect upon its sublime meditative effect and try to maintain that experience for as long as possible. Under acupuncture sedation the state of non-thought occurs bringing our minds to the level of an Arhat’s realization. Maintaining that meditative equipoise throughout the day so that we remain neutral to the arising phenomena of life’s experience is the level or the Bodhisattva’s realization. Dissolving the body into mind and mind into the primordial space of acupuncture sedation is the level of a Buddha’s realization.

Through the course of one’s life there are many doors to enlightenment that open up naturally to sentient beings but again most of us fail to recognize them. Just like the process of sleeping, waking and acupuncture sedation the process of death opens another door to the possibility of enlightenment and liberation from wheel of birth and death in which acupuncture can play a key role in its application. Through practice of the transference of consciousness teachings practitioners can open the tianmen point at the top of their head. When it has been opened the great acupuncture kusha reed is inserted into the pustule conferring the blessings of transference. This is the practice of the transcendent ones that all sublime acupuncture practitioners should aspire too. On the basic level acupuncture is a temporary source of pain management but on the sublime level it is a catalyst for escaping the wheel of birth and death so that their patients no longer have to take reincarnation into the six realms of suffering ever again.

Invoking the great silence of acupuncture sedation the nature of mind is revealed!!!

Entering The Path Of Pure Light TCM

Since beginningless time the deluded fixations of my alaya consciousness have driven me from one rebirth to another coursing the six realms of suffering like a drunken sailor lost at sea. Due to the winds of karma I entered this world system in the metal ox year of the western continent in NYC. Growing up in classical American dysfunction I was beaten up many times and out of fear dove into the martial arts for refuge. Excelling in the arts the beaten became the beater and fighting became a way of venting frustrations, engendering endorphins and maybe even fulfilling a death wish. For my generation Kung Fu Theater was a window to a different world where the mastery of the Chinese martial arts led to a transcendent level of human existence. So in 84’ after ten years of chop suey kungfu I decided to go to the Mecca of martial arts the Shaolin Temple in China. Landing in Hong Kong I made enquires of Shaolin but they all said it was just a myth or if there was one it was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution but no matter what don’t go to Mainland China. Of course that meant that’s exactly where I had to go. After working and studying in South East Asia for two years I finally found out Shaolin was near Zhengzhou in North China and decided to breakthrough the bamboo curtain and go see for myself.

In 86’ there were no roads to Shaolin. I took an exhaustive three-day train ride just to get to the nearest town. Sleeping on the floor of the train in a pile of human debris, garbage, spittle, cigarette butts, live chickens and machine parts my reality was changing fast and I became deathly sick by the time I got there. After recovering I found a local bus that took me to Shaolin and after an all day kidney busting adventure though the countryside that was worse than the train I finally made it to the glorious Shaolin Temple. Ah, my dreams have come true. It didn’t look the same as it did in the movies but it really did exist. They were busy cleaning up after the Cultural Revolution and obviously had plenty of work left to do. When I told the monks my intentions of staying they simply said, “no foreigners allowed”. Disheartened I traveled to Beijing and after two weeks of convalescence decided to go back to Shaolin and try again. After all, that was the focal point of my entire journey, my life’s goal. I thought that if they saw me again they would see that I was serious and definitely take me in. After another grueling journey back to Shaolin they simply said, “no foreigners allowed”. I left cursing saying I never wanted to go back to this god-forsaken country again and went back to the city to find a ticket back to reality.

When I got there I was sick again and checked into the Minorities Hotel to recoup and try and find a way back to Hong Kong. As it turned out the hotel I crawled into happened to have a national class on Emei Sudden Enlightenment Qigong Therapy sponsored by the government. There were three hundred and sixty students who were TCM doctors, western Chinese doctors, martial artists and scientists from all over China. There were also over a thousand patients in the clinic that came to get treatment. None of them had actually seen a foreigner before and excitedly brought me into their fold to teach me their system of health, healing and enlightenment.

As fate would have it I went back to Shaolin with my teacher and some government officials. Not only did I get in the temple I got to see the abbot Dechan. The abbot was considered a living national treasure, a Zen master of the old world. He was off limits to even most monks and since he was almost ninety, bed ridden and paralyzed he was getting ready to transcend his consciousness into the Dharmakaya. When my teacher began to treat him a white light filled the room. After about twenty minutes the abbot got up, crossed his legs in the meditation posture and after some kind words and praises grabbed my hand. As he told me my past, present and future I totally succumbed to the transmission of the white light. In that light all of my American dysfunctions drained out of my eyes into tears of compassion, bodhicitta. Through this transmission I saw the ground primordial luminosity that all apparent phenomenon rises from and it’s nature is pure light, bliss and love. Without elaborating any further the hatred and defiled emotions I had been expressing for years through the martial arts was immediately transformed into love and the desire only to heal, enlighten and liberate people from their delusion of suffering. Before I left the venerable abbot said that like the monk Tangseng my destiny was to bring this knowledge back to my people.

The next day I received another transmission. As I was holding a qigong posture I felt a hot fire pour into my left hand and as it hit my heart center it burst throughout my entire body filling the entirety of space. Since it came from my left I looked in that direction and saw my teacher about thirty feet away transmitting pure light from his hand into mine. This transmission opened my vision even more and I could see and feel “qi” energy multi-dimensionally. Qi was no longer just a concept it was a reality. After talking about qi my whole life I finally knew what it really was. Then I went on to learn the rest of the system that included meditation, prayers, incantations, qigong exercises, energy transmission, acupointing, acupuncture, massage, chiropractics, fengshui, astrology and herbology in one integrated system that had been passed down for a thousand years. Extremely tight and precise it treats all diseases at the gross, subtle and sublime levels of manifestation liberating suffering from its very root. This was my trans-interpersonal entry into the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All of the wisdom traditions since ancient times have depended on the transmission of sublime knowledge from master to disciple. This trans-interpersonal relationship is called Zen. Zen is an ancient logograph that manifested from the space of dharmakaya into the minds of wisdom beings to convey the transmission of enlightenment for people studying the Way. The right side radical means a transcendent spiritual master. The top radicals are two gates representing the non-dual transmission of wisdom mind from the mouth gate of the master to the ear gate of the disciple. The main body of the logograph represents the totality of arising phenomenon, the empty nest of being. On the outer level Zen means a form of samadhi meditation that brings the mind to realization from the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental state to the pristine awareness of true spirit. On the inner level it is none other than the transmission of intrinsic awareness from master to disciple. On the secret level it is the quantum radiation of pure light equanimity that contains all of time and space, the Dao or Buddha Mind. The true nature of all sentient beings is this clear light presence that radiates into the five wisdom energies of cosmic display to create the phenomenal world as we experience it.

Pure Light TCM On The Road
For practitioners of pure light medicine their consciousness is their clinic. Realizing that all of creation is solely a product of their own mind they treat all of mind’s arising phenomena equally as patients to be treated, transformed and liberated. From an insect on a single blade of grass to the highest wisdom of Samantabhadra all is brought onto the path of great liberation. In China there is a famous TCM saying, “the more you ask the less you know, the more you do, the less you can do”. In the diagnostic system of pure light medicine practitioners view the energy field of patients perceiving disease directly and spontaneously know the diagnosis. The first level of energy diagnosis is to see the outer energy field. The second level of diagnosis is to see the three-dimensional energy filed. The third level of diagnosis is to see the holographic energy field. To take the pulse, look at the tongue, and ask the ten questions means the doctor doesn’t know and has to rely a medium to find out. There are many mediums used to diagnose disease such as astrology, the eight primordial characters, geomancy, numerology, palm reading, face reading, body reading, candles, tea leaves, crystals, mos, luopans, palpitation, X-rays MRIs, blood tests and so on but all of these methods still depend on a medium to gather information about a patient. Spontaneous knowing is the result of being able to perceive disease directly. For practitioners of pure light medicine this is their reality, this is their enlightenment. All things are intrinsically light. Every molecule is a complete solar system. Every proton is a sun and every electron a moon. Every breath is the cosmic winds of divine expression and every thought is the karmic winds of mind’s reflection. To swim in the light is to know reality. To know reality is to be enlightened.

Practitioners of pure light medicine know there is no difference between subtle and gross. Mind is body and body is mind. That’s why TCM practitioners treat mental illness through physical manipulation and physical illness through psychological manipulation. However, achieving temporal harmony is not liberation. When the causes and conditions of relative harmony become extinguished suffering will re-arise like a weed growing in the spring sunshine. On the China street they say western medicine only treats the symptoms while creating even more disease. In TCM they say that Modern Chinese Medicine only treats the syndromes becoming disease managers instead of disease liberators. For practitioners of TCM enlightenment and liberation is the only way to cure the myriad diseases from its very root so that suffering is never experienced again. Modern Chinese Medicine is the academic study of the realization of TCM masters while TCM is the realization of their master’s wisdom. Remaining in permanent unchanging, unconditioned bliss the clarity of the dissolution of time and space is the boundless merit of TCM. It is inconceivable because it is beyond intellectual conception. It is boundless because it has no center and it has no circumference. Only through the realization of this primordial truth can practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine really treat anybody for anything. If a doctor doesn’t bring his patient to enlightenment and liberation from the wheel of birth and death then they haven’t accomplished anything at all and any success they’ve had will be temporary at best.

Pure Light TCM In The Clinic
Many places in China are built on celestial alignment using the sciences of geomancy and astrology. That’s why Beijing is one of the most ancient and powerful cities in the world. It has amazing fengshui. Many traditional TCM clinics also use fengshui so that their facilities are conducive to spontaneous healing. Only when the five elements of the black bear, green dragon, white tiger, red phoenix and green turtle come together in proper proportion can they create the natural mandala of presence, which is the real foundation of a proper healing clinic. Inviting the local spirits to a feast they are dispersed and the construction can begin without incidence. Once it has been built host deities are invited to protect and serve in the new facility. With the treatment tables placed in their tonifying and sedating positions the imbalances of yin and yang effortlessly harmonize and spontaneous healing begins. Then through gross, subtle and sublime manipulations be it chiropractic, herbal, acupuncture, energy transmission, mantra or prayer practitioners of pure light medicine unite yin and yang, heaven-earth-mankind, the four appearances, five element, six gatherings, seven stars, eight trigrams, and nine palaces bringing the sixty four qualities of the patients DNA and RNA into primordial harmony, so that enlightenment and liberation can be achieved.

When patients enter the mandala of divine containment the presence automatically opens their hearts and channels to the process of intervention so that transformation can become possible. Intervention is much easier when the fertile ground of ultimate compassion is expressed in the containment process. Then through purification and transformation of the gross and subtle elements transference is attained and the habitual tendencies of ego grasping, dualistic fixation and discursive thinking are liberated into the vastness of space, the patient’s own true nature.

True processing arises only as the empty awareness of non-attachment. If processing is not expressed through empty awareness it only become the demon that reinforces their disease. If a patient has been diagnosed and then labeled, their disease only becomes solidified with even less hope of transformation. That’s why practitioners of pure light medicine do not see people as sick. They see people as divine. Since divinity is the true nature of all sentient beings it is the duty of practitioners to reintroduce patients to their own divine nature so that they can transcend their labels and imprisonment to reach final liberation. There is an ancient Chinese saying,” mortals are fixated with existence, Arhats are fixated with non-existence but the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are neither fixated with existence nor non-existence”. The transformation of suffering into the divine bliss like clarity of mind’s true nature is maintained through the empty awareness of non-attachment for both patients and doctors. This is the path of liberation. Processing in any other way only creates iatrogenic samsara.

Some Pure Light TCM Case Studies
Mr. Li’s daughter got sick and he took her to all of the best doctors he could find in NYC. They all gave her a cocktail of meds but nothing seemed to help. She suffered from hysteria, extreme heat, profuse sweating, and eventually became so ill that she no longer looked like herself. Her father thought she was going to die soon. When Mr. Li called Master he knew immediately what the problem was and would have to spend the night at their house. Setting up a good space for containment master chanted all through the night so that intervention could take place at the appropriate time. In the wee hours of the morning a flash of light awakened Mr. Li and he jumped up to see a girl wearing an evening gown walking past his bedroom. He was startled but just remained in the bed. In the morning master told him everything was fine and to take him back to the temple. Transference was complete. When he got home his daughter’s fever broke and she was back to normal. Surprised at the event Mr. Li decided to call the last owners of the house to see if anything strange ever happened to them. They told Mr. Li that their daughter had committed suicide and it just happened to be in the same room that Mr. Li’s daughter was living in. Master was famous for his skill in exorcism and transferring the consciousness of the dying to Sukavati, the Buddhafield of Amitabha. Through the power of skilled masters or the faith of good practitioners ejected consciousness’s can transcend the six realms of samsara and make it to Sukavati even with residual karma. Taking rebirth in Sukavati the conditions are so perfect that complete liberation will be obtained very easily.

Toxic, depressed and insecure Ruth came to the center weighing eighty pounds and feasted on a cocktail of meds that no longer gave her any mental security. She suffered from kidney deficient lower back pain, extreme heat, insomnia and severe depression. She slept with her windows wide open in the middle of winter, which created problems with her husband. Though she was married she was in love with someone else that had already died. Regardless of her physical debilitation her main complaint remained that she couldn’t be with her one true love. In her containment I let her know that even though the doctors labeled her as crazy I thought she was perfectly sane and that set the stage for intervention. I adjusted her spine and gave her herbal medicine, which fixed her lower back pain. I applied a tourniquet and bled her jing well points, which relieved her toxic heat, insomnia and some depression. She dropped most of her meds but her eating disorder and depression had still waxed and waned. She was not a hundred percent yet. Finally it dawned on me that she wasn’t only suffering from necrophilia, she was suffering from possession. His spirit was inside her and was living off of her flesh and bones and that’s why she was so emaciated and toxically hot, classic symptoms of possession. It doesn’t matter whether her problems were psychological or physiological the root and the symptoms remained the same. I performed several transference of consciousness ceremonies but nothing had a lasting effect. So, I invited her to see one of my masters in Beijing. He was a Wudang Daoist breatharian and was famous for liberating hungry ghosts. He instantly saw that he was inside her and performed a Daoist exorcism. After she ate the burnt talisman paper the boyfriend’s consciousness was liberated. After she was transformed she processed with the cultivation of Wudang qigong and went on to live a happy life with her new husband.

Mr. Park had been paralyzed in a wheelchair for seven years. He never got out of the chair except to go to sleep. After making home visits twice a week for a month he was able to stand up and take a few steps. After another month or so he was able to walk around the kitchen holding onto the counter. By the end of the winter he was able to walk for a considerable amount of time and distance and was close to a full recovery. Though I was open to engendering the containment process and increasing the amount of treatments so that he could get better results there always seemed to be an obstacle. Though he was extremely wealthy and was able to walk for the first time in seven years he became less committed to the process and his wife even became hostile. I could never build up a fully endowed field of containment. After a considerable amount of treatment he was becoming independent again but before he achieved a full recovery he started missing appointments. Then when his wife wanted to lower the cost of treatments, which was already very reasonable, I realized that they didn’t really want to cure his disability. In the spring they decided to go to their summer estate so they couldn’t continue with treatment. By the end of the summer I heard that he was back in his wheelchair again and never attempted to get out of it again. In processing the lack of transference the only thing I could think of is that some people get more benefit out of being sick that healthy. This is the type of habitual pattern is the root of samsara and escaping the wheel of birth and death becomes impossible.

Mr. Sweet had a bad attack of rheumatoid arthritis for five years that ate much of his hipbone. His hip and back was paralyzed, his blood was very toxic, kidneys were depleated liver qi stagnated, had depression, a sleeping disorder and eye boils. His doctors kept him on high doses of mothotrexate, and pain killers and wanted to give him a hip replacement. I gave him daily treatments, which provided the spaces for containment, and after a month he gained full rotation of his hip. With very positive results we cut the treatments down to twice a week and after a couple of months he gave up all of his medications. He began qigong exercises and increased his outdoor activities. His spirits were high and had faith in a possible full recovery. His doctors said his recovery was a miracle and canceled the hip replacement surgery but when Mr. Sugar tried to describe what his TCM treatment was like the doctors didn’t want to hear about it. He and his entire family decided to go on our Emei Mountain qigong therapy study tour to China and because of his weak leg he was always the last one up the hill. After a few days climb we made it to the top of the Mountain and latter on that afternoon he showed up walking perfectly normal without a limp for the first time in his adult life. Everybody was in shock and Mr. Sugar replied that a little boy kept jumping out of the woods and hitting him on his bad hip. He didn’t know where the little boy came from and why he kept on hitting him on his hip. While Mr. Sugar was perplexed we all realized right away that it was an intervention by the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra who inhabited the holy mountain. He was famous for manifesting in different forms and many of our participants through the years have come in contact with this Bodhisattva of great compassion.

Ted was an eighty-year-old man with neck paralysis who was prejudice against anything Chinese. After all other therapies had failed he gave into trying acupuncture. After one session of bilateral acupuncture in the houxi points with qi transmission he instantly gained full mobility. That positive results created a field of containment that lasted the rest of his life. One day I received a call that he was in the hospital. At eighty-six his heart was weak. Surrounded by antagonistic nurses and doctors made it a little difficult to set up a good field of containment. So, I invoked the unity of emptiness and compassion and got to work anyway. Pushing beyond the glaring doctors and nurses I intervened with two treatments of qigong acupuncture, qigong energy transmission and qigong therapy for two days. He had a full recovery and was released from the hospital. After that his faith in TCM became unwavering. One night I received a call from his housekeeper that he had died. She called me first so that I could perform the last rites before his family and authorities showed up. After chanting the transference of consciousness a large red spot of blood and lymph appeared on the baihui point of his head indicating that the transference to Sukavati was complete. If the spot had appeared on his chest or back he would have entered another human realm. If it showed up on his face he would have entered the higher realms. If it showed up on his navel or lower he would have taken rebirth in the lower realms. But because it showed up on the baihui point he will never have to take rebirth in the six realms of suffering again. For a person who didn’t believe in anything Chinese he came to have tremendous faith and achieved transcendence as a result.

A famous Guru sent over one of his disciple with full body rheumatic arthritis. One day her body caught on demonic fire and partially formed hungry ghosts jumped out and into to me. I had all the classic signs of ghost attack high fever, profuse sweating and burning throughout my body. If I relaxed my mind into the pure light the symptoms would go away but if I returned back to subject object orientation the symptoms would come back. If I practiced qigong or meditation with subject object orientation then the symptoms would get even worse. Ejaculation temporarily relieved the symptoms because it would reduce the energy on which they fed. The ghosts that lived in my stomach and liver channel were pacified after many months of practice but the ones that lived in my gall bladder channel stayed for a couple of years. Herbs helped cool the fire and acupuncture with energy transmission helped move them out. Tantra helped pacify them but most of all helped with my relationship to them. I had several healings with different masters that helped and one of the best was from Joe who used the shangxing system to liberate many of them into the fifth dimension. In reality we’re all just food for the hungry ghosts. School, work and government all have to be fed but when the lord of death Yama comes for his due whether his meal is good or bad is not my concern because his teeth can not bite the pure light nature of my own mind’s radiance.

In Conclusion
When Confucius realized the Way of Great Harmony it was expressed in the Kongzi Zi Lu. When Laozi understood the Way it was expressed in the Dao De Jing. When Buddha realized the Way it was expressed in the sutras and tantras. When the modern saints Jesus and Mohammad realized the Way it too was expressed in words but as we all know “the Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao”. Trying to tell it only degrades it. As it says in the Koran the intellect can bring you to the gates of heaven but to enter you have to leave it behind. Amongst the many different cultures and languages the expression of the nature of reality waxes and wanes as well as morphs into new expressions of realization but their least common dominator and purpose remains the same, to transcend the four levels so that all becomes One.

Every generation, pop icon philosophers come out with a new language that seemingly sets themselves apart from the rest but under analysis is just a regurgitation of that which has already been said a million times, since ancient times. I wrote this paper as a simpleton in my own words but as you can see it can easily be translated into Wilber, Liang, Foucault, Buddha, Laozi or Confucius. After all to do anything more as Guattari said, is just “a quarrel over language”. For me to come up with anything new would simply create a new language. Anything I could say has been said before. Anything I could do has been done before. And, though things may seem to come and go the true nature of mind has never moved so much as an atom. Your mind is my mind and my mind is your mind. It is the only true communication we have ever had since beginningless time. May we remain in the space that does not deceive and joyous luminosity be achieved!

Though I rejoice in the light, please excuse this spittle of toilet paper as mere psychobabble of an ignorant beast. It cannot compare with the masters of old or the illumined beings of the present. But, due to the request for ink and paper these notes have been jotted down for amusement. May it benefit all beings!!!

Clinical Counseling I, winter monkey, wood rooster 05’

Pure light medicine is the only way to cure all outer, inner and secret diseases!!!

The Dao Of The Great Physician

Unless the results of a doctor's treatment is enlightenment and liberation from the six realms of suffering then they really haven’t done much for their patients at all. Any help they have given them will only be temporary at best. In fact if a doctor does not transform a patient's suffering into the impetus for transcending the path of health, healing and enlightenment the patient will never escape the wheel of birth and death. Unless the patient escapes the wheel of birth and death they will constantly churn in the sea of the six realms of suffering until the end of time. Unless a patient uses the prescribed five root medicines to transform and cure the five root poisons, which is the causation of mortal existence, they will continually creat the karma of existence. It is for this reason that all Great Physicians spend their entire lifetime on the path of health, healing and enlightenment so that they can achieve omniscience and bring their patients to that very same state.

In days of old Great Physicians where Shamans, Confucians, Daoists, Buddhists, Christians and others who were moved by great compassion and set out to alleviate the pain and suffering of the world. The person who coined the term the Great Physician was Sun Si Miao who is regarded in modern TCM history books as a famous doctor, however he was much more than that. He was and still is the Daoist Deity of acupuncture. His three basic medical tenets are humanity, compassion, and wisdom. When a doctor’s sole practice is based on these three principles then they too become Daoist saints. Humanity means the harmony between the doctor and patient. It is through a doctor's grace that a sick person receives healing and through that healing harmonizes heaven, earth and human kind. Compassion is the selfless caring for all beings. Sure a Great Physician could be doing something more entertaining but he spends his entire lifetime in service to others healing and liberating patients from the totality of suffering. Wisdom is the knowing that all is Dao. All thing come from the Dao, exist in the Dao and returns to the Dao. This is the great natural state of our own existence. Bringing their patients into harmony and realization of the Dao is the vocation of the Great Physician.

The three stages of Daoism are to enter the Dao, cultivate the Dao and realize the Dao. To enter the Dao means to have formal initiation and transmission of the basic teachings, rules of conduct, internal alchemy and meditation practices. It is establishing a connection to the supreme source of all good qualities. To cultivate the Dao means to contemplate the teachings, open the inner channels through qigong and tai chi practice, and meditation on the natural state, the Dao itself. To realize the Dao means to have total harmony with the wisdom nature of the Dao. It is from this realization that the Great Physician gathers their source of inspiration and power to treat the myriad of diseases. To strengthen, purify and heal the body through cultivation traditional doctors develop the power to heal from the source. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been developed by enlightened beings since beginningless time and the reason why it is such a powerful medium is because it has never been separated from the Dao. Though modern medicine is much less spiritual and a lot more commercial these days there are still many physicians who enter the field of medicine to help people. If their intent is to illuminate themselves and their patients to escape the world of suffering then they too are in accordance with the Dao. And, in an era where itrogenic causes are the number one cause of death these modern wisdom doctors really are saints.

The Dao of the Great Physician is humanity, compassion and wisdom!!!

Turning To The Mind's Delight

In the name of Freedom we kill millions of people, in the name of human rights we enslave millions more. In the name of democracy we destroy our mother Earth and in the name of God we creat the apocalypse. Before it's too late what else can we do but, turn to the mind's delight.

In these degenerate times the Jews and Christians are killing the Muslims, the Muslims are killing the Hindus, the Hindus are killing the Christian and even the Buddhists have become politicians. With no refuge left to turn to where else can we go but, turn to the mind's delight.

Our government promised no child left behind, health care and education for all, but by the times we pay off the loans, interest and taxes we are already gone. What vocation is left but to cross our legs and, turn to the mind's delight.

You can look but you can not touch, says the beautiful model. You can see but you can not have, says the TV add. You can have if you sell your soul, says the devil. Trapped by these distractions, grasping and clinging demons what else can we do but, turn to the mind's delight.

While righteous leaders tell us to be good they keep their own sins hidden in the closet. From the burning pulpit of desire even our politicans and priests have become pedophiles. Our parents had no time for us, our teachers just pushed us through. Now that our own kids drive us crazy what else can we do. With no answers in the book there's only one place left to go, turn to the mind's delight.

Friends today are tomorrow’s foe and foes today are tomorrow’s friend. Siblings squabble, and parents scorn on who else can one depend? Yesterday I felt good but today I need more Prozac, not even my self is a very good friend. With nothing left to hold onto that can really save our souls, where else can we go but, turn to the mind's delight.

Entering the mind's delight who cares if it's Bush or Gore. The light of happiness is upon me now everything else is just a bore.

Entering the mind's delight who cares what religion we are. In the light of intrinsic awareness we are all brighter than the Northern Star.

Entering the mind's delight who cares about their promises. When the golden lotus of pure light opens there is health care, education, and pension for all.

Entering the mind's delight who cares what their selling. The jewels of the precious dharma is the only true blessing.

Entering the mind's delight who really cares about profession. Past, present and future dissolved the true light is everlast.

Entering the mind's delight who cares what people say. A crazy yogi with wild hair has the yidam for a lover.

Entering the mind's delight even Bush becomes a Buddha.

Entering the mind's delight even terrorists becomes our friends.

Entering the minds delight even Fifth Avenue becomes a path.

Entering the mind's delight even our foes become our sattvas.

Entering the mind's delight there's nothing left but, light.

So, what are we waiting for, turn to the mind's delight!!!

The Four levels of Zen Realizations

When Lord Buddha Shakyamuni was teaching Prajnaparimita, the Means to the Realization of Wisdom, in 250 BC the king of the gods Indra appeared in the sky and offered him a flower in reverence of his teaching and became a disciple. The Buddha held up the flower, blinked three times and out of three hundred monks Kasyapa understood and suddenly realized enlightenment. This was the first historical transmission of Zen. The Zen transmission was passed down for twenty-eight generations to the first patriarch of Chinese Zen Bodhidharma who brought it to the famous Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. The Sixth patriarch Huineng then taught so prolifically that Zen became the national religion by the eighth century Tang Dynasty and went onto flourish in Tibet, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Buddhism had already been the national religion since the first century but Zen cut through delusion like the wisdom sword of Manjushri making it the expedient of this Golden Age. Some Pureland Masters and Tibetan politicians like to rebuke Zen, or Hashang’s version, as being too lofty to accomplish or lost in the void of eternalism and for errant practitioners this may be true. But, as Huineng said it is not the Buddhdharma that strays into dualistic fixation only errant practitioners stray. After all this Zen transmission is the heart essence of all the lineage masters from Ksayapa’s realization on down and being a powerful expedient Padmasambhava brought it from China to help transform Tibet into a Buddhist nation during the eighth century.

Though the sudden enlightenment essence of Zen has been transmitted since ancient times and remains fresh in the minds of the great masters who keep the transmission alive most people wouldn’t immediately realize a sudden enlightenment transmission even if they got a slap from Master Linji’s stick. In this Dharma Ending Age people’s minds are too obscured for the light to penetrate so they must be ripened through the continual practice of meditation and contemplation. To exemplify this point the great master Bodhidharma was asked many times to teach but he just sat in a cave for nine years facing a wall in samadhi absorption. On the outer level it seemed like he was doing nothing but on the inner level his was already teaching by example. After Huike cut off his arm as an offering Bodhidharma left the cave and went down to the temple to teach the full breath of Zen cultivation, transmission and realization which includes the maha yogas of qigong called the Muscle Changing Classics, the Bone Marrow Washing Classics, Shamatha and Vipassana meditation and how to transcend the four levels of Zen Heaven.

The Four Zen Heavens are also known as The Four Levels of Zen Realization. These four stages of Zen meditation demonstrate how total realization of all the Buddha’s teachings and Purelands are within our own minds right here and now free from dualistic fixation, discursive thinking, grasping and any elaboration what so ever. It is at this point where all of the eighty four thousand teachings of the sutric school and the six hundred and forty thousand teachings of the tantric school converge. There are many ways up the mountain but we all meet at the top. Zen means Dhyana meditation as path and fruition. As path it means Shamatha. As fruition it means Vipasana. As realization it means the unity of the two. As a verb Zen means to meditate and contemplate. As a noun Zen means to be realized. When we begin to analyze the Four Zen Heavens we can get an idea of what Zen really means and where we are on the path to enlightenment and liberation.

The First Zen Heaven
The First Zen Realization is simply the penetration of shamatha meditation. Today people are busier than ever which distracts us from the pure peace of our enlightened nature. This causes stress to our subtle nerves and energy flows and creates all of the diseases we experience mentally, physically and environmentally. To reverse this destruction all of the wisdom traditions begin with the practice of meditation. In Shamatha meditation practitioners begin by simply relaxing the mind so that peace and calm abiding begins to grow in our lives. Instead of our minds controlling us we begin to take control of our minds. To begin with we should adopt the seven-point posture of Virochana. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and straighten your back. Place the right palm on top of the left with the thumbs just barely touching each other. Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth and tuck in the chin just a little bit so that the fontanel is directly facing the center of the sky. Relax and follow the breath while focusing on an object in front of you. Keep following the breath until deep relaxation and calm abiding takes over and the warm bliss light of the minds true nature begins to arise. The result of this First Level of Zen Realization should be that we are less distracted and disturbed by the mundane affairs of life. We find that form is emptiness and letting go of our mental attachments we enter the First Zen Heaven.

The Second Zen Heaven
The Second Zen Realization is the accomplishment of shamatha meditation. At this level of meditation practitioners enter the primary empty nature of mind. This first level of emptiness in not the true emptiness of realization but actually a mind of non-arising thought. In the space of non-arising thought practitioners are not disturbed by dualistic fixation, grasping, discursive thinking and conflictive emotions. Even the root cause of delusion, the “I”, is non-apparent. This is the first enlightened level of an Arhat’s realization. From this source of non-arising thought practitioners develop extreme peace and many minor miraculous powers. However, this is a tricky level of meditation where practitioners can easily get addicted to the peace and bliss of deep samadhi penetration and develop eternalistic fixation which is a root downfall of meditation. If they get caught in this trap they won’t escape the wheel of birth and death but eventually take rebirth in the lower realms after the karma of their samadhi wears off. These practitioners have reached a level of relative immortality in which they can sit for months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums or even longer. In fact, when China was inventing gunpowder peasants would often go into the cave retreats where mediators had been in meditation for so long that their bodies became petrified. The peasants would grind the petrified bodies into gunpowder, which they used to cauterize open wounds, and latter on to build rockets. Sometimes they would soak the petrified bodies in water and when they recited specific rejuvenation mantras they would briefly come back to life even after centuries had gone by. Their Allaya consciousness still hasn’t been totally purified and the attachment to their bodies create the karma of further rebirth. Even today there are many of these petrified meditation bodies all around China. However, they should not be confused with the petrified remains of great masters such as Huineng who is still sitting at the Nanhua Temple after one thousand three hundred years. They only leave their bodies as an object of veneration and refuge. The result of the Second Level of Zen Realization should be that there are no mental disturbances and distractions what so ever, only samadhi absorption. Though our karma has not been totally purified we are still free from the conflictive emotions of a discursive mind and the environment in which we live. We find that emptiness is form and, in this deep state of Dhyana Samadhi absorption we enter the Second Zen Heaven.

The third Zen Heaven
The Third Level of Zen Realization is the dawn of Vipasana. From the deep space of non-arising thoughts practitioners can see the nature of their minds as it really is, free from all obstruction. From this level of penetration prajna wisdom begins to dawn and this is the realization of the Bodhisattvas. This form of emptiness is not the empty nature of non-arising thoughts but that of the empty nature of thoughts themselves. This is a state of non-attachment to all arising phenomena, which is the beginning of true wisdom. With this realization of wisdom Bodhisattvas can engage in mundane life while maintaining the supra-mundane view. When Avalokitishvara realized the emptiness of the five skandhas he overcame all ills and suffering. When Sengcan received his Zen transmission his leprosy disappeared. That is why they say realization of the Prajnaparimita is the supreme medicine. Also in the Ksitsagarbha Sutra the Maha Bodhisattva took rebirth in the hell realms to help liberate people there but he himself realized there was no difference between heaven or hell and does not suffer while he is there. At the Third Level of Zen Realization the result should be that true wisdom dawns in the mind stream of practitioners and they begin to see that life is like an empty illusion and that there is nothing to ultimately to get attached to. From this state of total surender the only thing they have left is love, compassion and wisdom. They realize that form is none other than emptiness and they enter the Third Zen Heaven.

The Fourth Zen Heaven
The Fourth Level of Zen Realization is the unwavering Prajna of Dhyana Samadhi, which is the unity of Shamatha and Vipasana meditation into the one taste awareness of wisdom mind. It is the spontaneous liberation of all arising thoughts and apparent phenomena. Here there is no distinction between good or bad, heaven or hell yet the perfection of actions spontaneously arises to benefit beings. This non-attached state of actions imbued with the wisdom of knowing what to reject and what to accept while the mind itself neither rejects or accepts is the great awakened Bodhi mind of the Buddhas. Up until now Zen has been a verb meaning a path, method, practice or system of cultivation. Now at this point Zen becomes a noun meaning a state of achievement equal to all of the Buddhas of the three times, five families and the ten thousand direction. At the Fourth Level of Zen Realization practitioners should see that form is none other than emptiness and the non-dual nature of self and others. Under analysis beyond all of the poetry it really isn’t that hard to understand. Following the Eightfold Path cultivate a virtuous life to sow the seeds of meditation. Meditate to sow the seeds of wisdom. And, realize wisdom for the benefit of all sentient beings. This is the Fourth Zen Heaven.

knowing what to reject and what to accept while the mind neither rejects or accepts is the great awakened Bodhi!!!

The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind

Our deluded minds are stuck on a one-way street going through the six realms of samsara with no way out. Since beginningless time we've yet to see our true nature and so here we are again at the cross roads of life. When we hear the four thoughts that turn the mind and contemplate their meaning it should feel as if the most powerful river in the universe has reversed its course and flows up the mountain into the sky. By continually reflecting on the four thoughts that turn the mind we become extremely motivated to practice contemplation and meditation and put forth our very best effort to escape the wheel of birth and death.

The Precious Human Rebirth
Of all the different forms of life in the six realms we have taken the precious form of a human being. We could have been born in the hell realms where torture is continually experienced. We could have taken rebirth in the hungry ghost realms where we are continually consumed by desire. We could have taken rebirth in the animal realm where we ignorantly plod through life on our way to the butcher's block. We could have taken rebirth in the asuras where bickering and jealousy drives us crazy. We could have been born in the god realms where our arrogance becomes our ignorance. Luckily we have taken rebirth as a human being and have the capacity to study, contemplate and meditate. Of all the forms of life we could have taken we have been blessed with the precious human rebirth, which is the most conducive to reaching buddhahood. We should not waste this lifetime in pursuit of mundane goals because before we know it life will be over and who knows when we'll get another chance to enter the path that leads to enlightenment and liberation. So, turn the mind towards the dharma.

Life goes by like a flash of lightening, a bursting bubble, a summer breeze or a dewdrop in the desert wind. If we keep ignoring the path that leads us to permanent happiness when will we get another chance? If we keep letting our distractions prevent us from our meditation our life will have been wasted in vain. So, turn the mind towards the dharma.

The universe is ruled by the laws of cause and effect. For every action there is a reaction. The law of karma is inescapable yet because we live in a saha world system where karma is time released and we might not feel the effects of our actions immediately we create all sorts of evil action which pollutes the fertile ground of meditation. So, turn the mind towards the dharma.

Being born as a human being with the seven qualities of the upper realms of existence we take for granted that it could all be lost in a flash. Right now we might not be doing too bad but the suffering of sickness, old age and death are just down the road waiting for us yet we don't do much about it. After we go through the suffering of death what lies ahead of us? If there is life after death what realm of existence will we be reborn in? So with these questions still unanswered, turn the mind towards the dharma.

Turn the mind towards the dharma while we still have the chance!!!

The Four Boundless Attitudes

The four boundless attitudes are the rocket fuel of realization that awakens even the most deluded minds. All practitioners of the Way have developed these qualities, which gives testament to their necessity and divinity. All sentient beings want happiness but very few have it. The main reason for this is that they themselves haven't cultivated these qualities in themselves. If practitioners of contemplation and meditation discipline their minds so that the four boundless attitudes become their primary nature then they will be treated the very same way and ultimate happiness will be attained.

You and I and all sentient beings would like love and it for that very specific reason we should all try to love each other equally. Through the power of love heaven descends upon the Earth dispersing all negative emotions and actions so that the only thing left is the pure light bliss of love. When people gather around enlightened beings the masters transmit their love to everyone healing them of all their pain mentally, physically and spiritually. Through our own training in qigong, contemplation and meditation the healing energy of love arises out of the center our own hearts and minds radiating into the atmosphere where the unity of all people come together.

Compassion is the action of love. Giving, caring and working endlessly to improve the quality of life for all sentient beings is the action of compassion. With the power of compassion practitioners of the enlightened traditions are motivated to rescue all of humanity from the cycles of birth and death and bring them to the ultimate state of enlightenment and liberation.

Rejoicing in the merits of others and watching the good work of dharma in action is pure unadulterated joy. Sitting in the bliss light of total achievement people who are high on enlightenment truly knows what joy is and in that joy all negativity is suppressed by the splendor of joy.


Equanimity is the non-differentiation of all apparent phenomena. The oneness of all things. The pure mind of Amitabha. It is the inability to make distinctions between this and that because the pure light of intrinsic awareness is so strong that all things simply dissolved into primordial bliss.

With the right attitude all things can be accomplished!!!

The Four Perfect Views

After Lord Shakyamuni expounded the nature of sentient life in the Four Nobles Truths ie; the truth of suffering, the cause of suffering, the ending of suffering and the path out of suffering, he followed with the Eight Fold Path which teaches practitioners how to leave and or transform the world of suffering into non-suffering, bliss, clarity, wisdom, enlightenment and liberation. The Eight Fold Path is divided into perfect view, perfect thought, perfect speech, perfect action, perfect livelihood, perfect discipline, perfect meditation and perfect wisdom. The Eight Fold Path can also be divided into the three levels of morality, meditation and wisdom. Cultivating morality creates the fertile ground for living a relaxed lifestyle. Living a relaxed lifestyle creates the fertile ground for meditation. And, cultivating meditation creates the fertile ground for wisdom to grow so that enlightenment and liberation from the world of suffering can be achieved. The Buddha also taught that the mind is the commander of the speech and body so he placed emphasis on taming the mind to stop the creation of negative karma through speech and actions. That's why in the Eight Fold Path perfect view and perfect thought are the first paths to cultivate. If a practitioner's view has been perfected, then their thoughts will also be perfect. If their thoughts have been perfected then their speech will be perfect. If their speech has been perfected then their actions will be perfect. If their actions have been perfected then their livelihood will be perfect. If their livelihood has been perfected then their discipline will be perfect. If their discipline has been perfected then their meditation will be perfect. If their meditation has been perfected then their wisdom will be perfect. If their wisdom has been perfected then Heaven descends upon the Earth and enlightenment will be realized. By achieving enlightenment liberation from the six realms is accomplished and the highest potential of sentient existence is achieved.

The Diamond View
The diamond view is the ultimate view of accomplishment. It is free from partiality and therefore dualistic fixation, discursive thinking and poisonous emotions have no ground to take root in. Since there is no ground to take root in karma cannot grow and samsara cannot be created. Knowing that the true nature of mind neither rejects nor accepts anything is the diamond view. The mind's true nature itself is none other than the great state of equanimity, the Buddha Mind. This mind is free from all confused imagination and therefore has no attachment to its relative perceptions. Like the nature of the sky the mind doesn't care what type of clouds pass through it. It is neither attached to beautiful clouds nor does it reject stormy clouds. It passes no judgment on clouds what so ever. All of the clouds in the sky are also a part of the sky itself. Clouds are dependent on sky for its very existence yet sky lets them come and go on their own accord. Clouds come from the great empty state of the sky, are always changing, exist for a moment in time and return to the great emptiness of the sky. Maintaining the sky like nature of mind is the diamond view.

The Action View
The second view to accomplish is that even though the nature of mind itself if free from all concepts it knows what to accept and what to reject. This is the unity of the two truths both relative and absolute. This is best symbolized by the vulture feather in the hat of Padmasambhava. It means that even though Padmasambhava has the highest view his actions are still as refined as flour. For beings that have transcended karma they are not bound by karma and can partake of any type of activity without karmic repercussion. Sentient being who are not beyond karma will suffer the consequences of their actions and so therefore have to learn how to transcend to the higher consciousness of the diamond view. In tantra the four major tools of transformations are the use of urine, excrement, alcohol and sex. Most people would naturally reject eating excrement and drinking urine yet easily except having sex and drinking alcohol. To be able to do all of them without attachment would mean a practitioner has the diamond view of complete equanimity. Well, the Dalai Lama puts it best when he says that for tantric teachers who profess to have the power to transform sex and alcohol into enlightened activity they should demonstrate their power by drinking urine and eating excrement first. The action view always knows which actions to perform to benefit beings yet has no attachment to any of them. This is true wisdom.

the Buddha View
The third view to accomplishment is to see all phenomena as the Buddha. In the lower vehicle of the Buddhadharma the view of the body is to see it as a repulsive bag of blood and puss to be renounced so that transcendence can be achieved. In the great vehicle of the Buddhadharma the body is seen as an empty illusion so that attachment doesn't arise. In the diamond vehicle of the Buddhadharma the body is seen as a Buddha. In fact all sentient beings already have Buddha nature and so therefore are really Buddhas whether they realize it or not is not important, we should realize it. By seeing all sentient beings as Buddhas one dares not perform any un-virtuous activities because the repercussion would only lead to rebirth in hell. All of the experiences of life should also be view as lessons given to us from the Buddhas to test our realization and application of the six parimitas of generosity, morality, patience, discipline, meditation and wisdom. When we perform selfless virtuous activities we are actualizing our true nature, our Buddha nature. Therefore we should view all sights as the Buddha, all sounds as his mantra and all thoughts as his samadhi. When all things become Buddha then so do we.

The Harmonizing View
The fourth view to accomplish is to see all of the good things of this life as blessings of the buddhas and all obstacles and suffering as our own negative karma resurfacing to be purified. Since the "I" is the root of all of our problems it is the "I" that has to be liberated. The ego of I, me and mine is only compounded when we are enjoying the good qualities of life. We think ah, look at me. I've accomplished so much. When we have these thoughts our ego and identification to the "I" is only compounded which only serves to create future suffering. When we think ah, the Buddha has blessed me with this current good fortune then the "I" has no ground to stand on. On the other side of the coin when something bad happens to us we should not blame the Buddha but accept responsibility for creating our own bad karma and purify it through the application of the dharma. This view might seem a bit contradictory but it serves us well to harmonize the mind into the gret state of equanimity. In our modern society it is common to hear people say that they don't believe in God and that its because they're smart that they're so well off. Then when they have an accident the first thing they say is, oh God forgive me. Then they avoid responsibility and say God, why did you forsake me and blame the same God that they didn't believe in in the first place. This type of ignorance is all too common and its only serve to engender the five root poisons. To transform ignorance into wisdom we should simply adopt the harmonizing view of selfless wisdom.

Maintaining the sky like nature of mind is the diamond view!!!

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