2007 Newsletter

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a Religion

Chinese medicine is a religion that can cure all diseases at its very root so that all forms of suffering be it physical, mental or spiritual can never again arise. In the Chinese language Chinese medicine is called zhong yi. Zhong means central and yi means medicine. Its outer meaning is that it is the medicine system of the Central Kingdom,China. Its inner meaning is that it treats the central channel where all the superficial and inner channels meet and where all apparent phenomenon resides. Its secret meaning is that when patients realize their own central channel the ground primordial luminosity arises to dispel all aspects of suffering into the nature of emptiness without root. On the outer level the Central Channel is the size of a bamboo shoot that connects the baihui point located at the crown of the head with the huiyin point located at the perineum. Baihui means the the point where all the channels meet. Huiyin means the point where all of the yin meets. In esoteric language baihui is also called heavenís gate and the huiyin point is also called earthís window. When the energy of these two points merges heaven and earth also merges in the mindstream so that duality merges into oneness and and enlightenment is obtained. On the inner level the central channel is where the five mother Buddha dakinis live and give rise to lifeís experiences. On the secret level the central channel has no center or circumference. It is boundless and limitless. The central channel and Chinese Medicine is none other than the boundless and limitless nature of mind itself free from all contrived speculations, fixations and disease.

Academics have degraded TCMís ancestors to simple famous doctors but to the TCM mystical traditions these doctors are actually Buddhist, Confucian and Daoist Immortals that are sacred sources of refugee. By taking refuge in their form, intention and divinity TCM practitioners can also develop the same power and wisdom as they have. Through the practice of their meditations and contemplations all diseases of the manifest world can be pacified. Western English translators fixated on their own spiritual superiority have also degraded the Yellow Emperorís Internal Bible as merely a ďClassicĒ as if it was a good old movie but the real English translation of Jing is a holy scripture equivalent to the Christian Bible. The Christian Bible is called Yesu Shen Jing or Jesus Christís Spiritual Classic. Regardless of how they are translated we should give the Chinese equivelent the same name as we do our own holy scriptures. Itís not that the holy scriptures have dualistic double standard visions of high and low, only sentient translators do. Regardless of religion or tradition all of the Classical TCM scriptures are called Jings and the Chinese Jings are so vast in number that they could fill an entire university library. Some might be familiar to you such as the Huang Di Nei Jing, Dao De Jing, Yi Jing, Nan Jing, Hu Jing, Xin Jing, Jin Gang Jing, Zang Jing add infinitum and by mastering one you master them all. That is the reason why they are called Jings!

Todayís politicians and academics have also degraded the very name of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the Chinese language Chinese medicine can be divided into two categories academic and traditional. Academic Chinese medicine is taught in the universities, which are western institutions that were developed when China was occupied by the west and further developed in modern times based on the western sciences. As scientists they have to deny the existence of Buddha, God, Dao, etc... because they canít be measured with their own scientific instruments. Itís not that God, Buddha, or sublime deities and beings donít exist it's just that their vast qualities and magnificence canít be totally understood by the limitations of their little electronic gadgets. Sublime qualities can only be measured through the personal experience of sublime meditative realizations.

In the Chinese language only the pre-western non-gentrified non-academic form of Chinese medicine is called Traditional Chinese Medicine. Academic Chinese medicine owes its origins to TCM but through western domination all of the esoteric applications have been left out and it has lost its root. The academics ďstand on the backs of giantsĒ means that they use the knowledge of the ancients without having to go through the discovery process themselves. Unfortunately though, it is only through the discovery process itself that a practitioner can understand the totality of TCM and have direct experiences of qi energy, channels, energy centers, and the sublime states of mind required for total realization. As Shakyamuni said, ĒI canít make you a Buddha but I can show you the wayĒ. We all have to do our own work to achieve the Dao.

Traditional TCM is called traditional because it was developed by wisdom beings during the golden age and has been passed down through lineage transmissions since ancient times. When TCM came west some English translator mistakenly used the term Traditional Chinese Medicine in reference to academic Chinese medicine so traditionalists have sometimes adopted the term Classical Chinese Medicine to separate it from academiaís mistranslation and hijacking of the term Traditional Chinese Medicine. Either way what makes a Traditional Chinese Medicine system traditional is that it is form of medicine that can bring its practitioners and patients to the sublime realization of enlightenment so that they can escape the wheel of birth and death never to have to experience any forms of suffering ever again be it physical, mental or spiritual. All traditionalists use the vast array of TCM treatment applications to restore their patients health so that they can practice qigong. Then they use qigong to open the psychic channels and bring them into deep meditation. Then they use deep meditation to reveal the true nature of mind. When the true nature of mind is realized all diseases dissipate into the vast expanse of space like smoke rising from the amber of an incense stick. If your TCM tradition is leading its patients to enlightenment then it is truly in accordance with Kongzi, Laozi, Buddha and the Bodhisattvas and can therefore be called Traditional Chinese Medicine. If your applications of TCM is not fulfilling this function then it has lost its root too and can no longer be called traditional. May all practitioners who have a sincere interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine have the fortunate karma to find a system that has never lost its way and arrives at the highest good.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can cure all diseases at its very root!!!

The Seven Qualities Of The Upper Realms Of Existence

The seven qualities of the upper realms of existence are the seven necessary conditions for sentient beings to reach enlightenment. For sentient beings with the fortunate karma of being born with these seven qualities they can actually obtain enlightenment, the everlasting state of joyous luminosity. The natural state of great equanimity free from attachment and aversion is the original nature which all forms, feeling, perceptions, impulses and consciousnesses arise from and flow to in the infinite mind of intrinsic awareness. May all beings whoíve obtained these seven qualities of existence obtain their goal!

The Precious Human Rebirth
Of the six realms of cyclic existence the human realm is the most conducive to obtaining enlightenment. Of the six realms there are also six sub-realms in which the human realm of the human realm has the highest potential for obtaining the Way. The six realms are the realms of the gods, devas, humans, animals, hungry ghosts, and hells.

The Hell realms are states of existence in which its inhabitants experience being burnt, boiled, shredded and tortured in endless arrays of suffering. Even if we donít believe that hell realms exist bellow us we can still see people experiencing the hell realms of the human realms right here and now. People who live in Iraq, Africa and other such war torn countries are truly experiencing hell on earth when guns, missiles and roadside bombs are blowing their bodies apart. Hell is a projection of hatred. People who are experiencing this type of life really have a hard time cultivating a life of virtue and meditation, which is necessary to reach enlightenment.

The hungry ghost realms are states of existence in which its inhabitants experience extreme desire and cravings. They smell the aroma of their desired objects such as food, alcohol and so on but canít actually have them because they donít have a flesh bound body to enjoy them. They always suffer from not having what they desire. Even if we can see ghosts we certainly know people who suffer from addictions like drugs, alcohol, sex, food, adrenalin etcÖ Hungry ghosts are a projection of greed. People who are experiencing this type of life have a hard time cultivating a life of virtue and meditation, which is necessary to reach enlightenment.

The Animal realms are states of existence in which in inhabitants always suffer from the fear of being attacked and being hungry. They also lack the intelligence to contemplate the wisdom traditions. We often see people plow through life like a cow with blinders on working 9-5 without reprieve. The animal realms are a projection of ignorance. People who experience this type of life have really hard time cultivating a life of virtue and meditation, which is necessary to reach enlightenment.

The deva realms are states of existence in which its inhabitants experience great opulence but also constant bickering and turmoil. People in the deva realms of the human realms are like movie stars and rock stars who are extremely wealthy but have too many distractions to contemplate the wisdom traditions. The deva realms are a projection of jealousy. People who experience this type of life have a really hard time cultivating a life of virtue and meditation, which is necessary to reach enlightenment.

The god realms are states of existence in which its inhabitants experience great power but are always worried about keeping their positions of power. Even if you donít believe that there are gods in the sky we can surly see the gods of the human realms. Presidents and politicians are the gods of our realm because they have the power to create genocide, destroy nations and even destroy the world. Most of the karma that gods create in their positions of power end up sending them to hell. The god realm is a projection of pride. People who experience this type of life have a really hard time cultivating a life of virtue and meditation, which is necessary to reach enlightenment.

The human realms are states of existence in which its inhabitants experience evenness. They are not suffering in the lower realms and are not distracted in the upper realms they are in the middle free from extreme emotions. Most people are living in one of the six realms of the human realms but if we are fortunate to be reborn in the human realm of the human realm free from all extremes then that is the most conducive to reaching enlightenment.

Now that weíve obtained the precious human rebirth what is needed is all of our part and pieces to be in place. We need arms and legs, a head and good sense faculties so that we can function well and fulfill lifeís requirements. People who are born with defects, have gotten ill or come back from war can loose the ability to meditate and contemplate making it extremely hard to reach enlightenment even though theyíve obtain human form.

Now that weíve obtained a precious human rebirth with all of our physical and sense faculties that is still not enough. We need food, clothing and shelter. Regardless of how well developed we are if we donít have food, clothing and shelter weíll always be on the hunt for them making it extremely hard to reach enlightenment even though we were endowed with a precious human rebirth and good faculties.

Now that weíve obtained a precious human rebirth with good faculties and food, clothing and shelter we need a teacher and the teaching. Without the teacher and teachings it is impossible to know what to accept and what to reject, how to cultivate virtue and meditation and reach the goal of enlightenment.

Now that weíve obtained the precious human rebirth with all of our faculties, food, clothing and shelter, teacher and teachings we still need one more thing to reach the goal of enlightenment, the free time to practice. Most people in the west have the precious human rebirth, food, clothing and shelter, great teachers, fantastic teachings but no free time to practice. The seventh and hardest to obtain quality of the upper realms of existence is the free time to practice. The west is the symbol of distraction. Flashy sound bite living is not conducive to living a life of meditation and contemplation but if we can try to limit our distraction, discipline or practice, commit to our goal of reaching enlightenment then when all of the elements of the seven qualities of the upper realms of existence has been obtained how can we not reach enlightenment. Do not waste this precious opportunity. Who knows if weíll ever get it again. As the wheel of samsara turns this life goes by like a warm summer day. If we do not commit ourselves to practice now when will we ever get a chance to do it again. We should seize this precious opportunity and obtain the most precious reward of our existence, the nature of mind.

With the seven qualities of the upper realms of existence now's our chance to reach enlightenment!!!

The Nature of the Dao

The Dao gave birth to the one, the one gave birth to the two, the two gave birth to the three and the three gave birth to the myriad things.

The Dao gave birth to existence, existence gave birth to duality, duality gave birth to the three abilities and the three abilities gave birth to all phenomena.

The Dao gave birth to existence. All that can be described exists within the Dao. The Dao is the mother of all things. All things are created from and return to the Dao yet it is never separated from the Dao as it traverses the three stages of past, present and future. From the most sublime thoughts of mind to the mightiest mountains of the world all things have apparent existence yet is in a continual state of change. The appearance of all phenomena is a shadow of the Dao while its constant state of flux is the nature of the Dao. The nature of all existence arises from, exists within, and always returns to the Dao. All that can be seen, heard, smelt, felt, tasted and sensed is none other than the constant expression of the Dao. A beautiful maiden, a rotting corps, a sweet melody or a noisy bus, all are but mere expressions of the Dao.

Existence gave birth to duality. Existence arises in the form of duality because all phenomena exists temporarily between its non-existent origin and its nonexistent demise. This state of existence and nonexistence is none other than the first expressions of the duality that arises from the Dao. The second expression of duality is divided between non-sentient and sentient existence. All gross material phenomena arise in the form of atoms and molecules. The bonding between protons and electrons and their positive and negative electrical charges make up the material world in which we live. How we perceive them in the sensual world is also based on the same dualistic chemical functions. From a human perspective duality is based the subject-object relationship between the observer and the observed. All phenomena are endowed with the dualistic characteristics of top and bottom, black and white, left and right, in and out, big and small, light and dark Öadd infinitum. Not only is phenomena measured on the merits of itís own dualistic characteristics but duality arises again when compared with other forms of phenomena and multiplied such as in Einsteinís theory or relativity, E=MC squared. The nature of duality is compounded with every rising expression and observation like two mirrorís facing each other in a never ending abyss of arising, dissolving and changing phenomena. As soon as an electron changes from its current position in relation to a proton a named subject must also change its name so therefore Laozi exclaimed the Dao than can be told is not the eternal Dao. Because the nature of all phenomena is always changing and relative it is called dynamic and dualistic.

Duality gave birth to the three abilities The essences of the three abilities arise from the combination of existence and duality. Duality can only exist if phenomena exists. Phenomena can only exist if duality exists. Because the nature of all things are relative, phenomena and its dualistic nature co-merge to create the three abilities. When the three aggregates of existence and duality unite it is called the union of heaven-earth and mankind. Heaven and earth are the most dramatic dualistic notions of manís observation of nature. Heaven has the nature of nomena and earth has the nature of phenomena but it is from the cognition of manís own mind that heaven and earth is united with sentient life. For the three abilities to harmonize sentient life is the link between the terrestrial and the celestial. With his feet on the earth and his head in the sky man is the one who can unite heaven and earth. The character Wang, which means king or lord, is the symbol of a person who can unite the three aspects of heaven, earth and mankind and if he can maintain the mandate of heaven then he is the sovereign lord of the universe and the three-realm world.

The three abilities gave birth to all phenomena. The myriad of things arises from the vast expanse of the three abilities like clouds floating through the mid-day sky. Constantly changing the ungraspable nature of phenomena is like a feather floating in the wind. The more you grasp at it the further it evades your reach. The reason why it canít be grasped is because phenomena is not really an external phenomenon. Phenomena is really just a projection of mind and so when practitioners of the sublime and most profound Dao want to understand the way of heaven they simply relax their mind into itself to see the origin of all things. This origin is none other than the innermost sublime nature of the Dao. It has the nature of space. Space is the container of the earth like a boat floating in the sky. To manís perspective however the earth is equally as vast so there is an equal balance between heaven and earth. Earth has the nature of solidity, which gives man something to stand on, a ground in which to perform his lifeís deeds so therefore the three abilities are equal in its sublime, subtle and gross nature since all things are made from the unity of mind, space and molecules but the metaphor of their existence still encompasses the entire universe.

Man came from earth, earth came from heaven and heaven came from nature

The four appearances came from the five elements, The five elements came from the six gatherings, the six gatherings came from the seven stars, the seven stars came from the eight tri-grams, the eight tri-grams came from the nine palaces, the nine palaces came from the ten directions and the ten directions came from the natural expression of the three realm world.

Man is a molecular conglomerate of the five elements gathered from the earth. The earth is a molecular conglomerate of the five elements gathered from the heavens. The inter-play of man, earth and the heavens is the dynamic character we call nature. The dynamic quality of the inter-play between man, earth and the heavens can be described in many ways. While modern science is trying desperately to understand and describe the universe the timeless Yijing already describes it in extremely exacting detail, not from just a molecular aspect, but from a social one as well. Of the vast copious of Chinaís holy scriptures the Yijing is often the most studied scripture to understand the nature of non-existence, existence, duality, the three abilities, five elements, six gatherings, seven stars, eight trigrams, nine palaces and the ten directions add-infinitum. Each one of these aspects of creation can be used to understand the total dynamics of how the universe works. Just as we can guess how an apple tree will grow from an apple tree seed, the whole is contained in the part. Many scholars and practitioners of the ancient sciences specialize in mastering just one of the aspects of creation, however, even one aspect of creation can span the five treasures of art, music poetry, internal alchemy and the external disciplines. Thatís why the theory of yin and yang, five elements, eight trigrams etcÖ are all equally cornerstones in the study of traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, music, dance, cooking or fortune telling. Though the theories are as vast as space itself they are included within every thought and action a person makes in their life from the supra mundane to the utmost profane.

When the adept Li Er sat on Qingliang Mountain where the green dragon is in harmony with the white tiger he closed one eye and opened the other and realized the Way. Walking the Silk road he described the Way of Virtue and became known as the Ancient One. Riding his ox to the west he soared into the sky where he became the sovereign lord Tai Shan Lao Jun. For those that wish to understand the Way contemplation must be mixed with meditation for the fruition of enlightenment to dawn. Thatís why ďthe intellect can bring you to the gates of heaven but to enter you must leave it behindĒ and ď He who speaks does not know. He who knows does not speak.Ē The expression of the natural world can only be understood by realizing the Dao.

The Dao and Nature are One!!!

Unity of the Two Truths

There are two truths both relative and absolute. Relative truth is based the nature of duality and how all phenomena can be divided into good-bad, attractive-repulsive, black-white, dark-light, up-down, sun-moon, heaven-earth, yin-yang and so on add infinitum. Because the theory of relativity is based on individual perception it is called empty. Take the example of George Bush for instance. Half of the country loves him believing that he is helping the Iraqi people bringing them democracy, human rights and Christianity and they are quite fixated in their beliefs. The other half of the country hates him believing that he is hurting the Iraqi people bringing them totalitarianism, genocide and the antichrist. They are equally fixated in their beliefs. So whether is the Christ or the anti-Christ is solely based on your own perception.

In the Southern USA there is a great TV show called Hee Haw. One skit has two farmers standing in the middle of a cornfield where one will state that itís going to rain and the other replies thatís bad. The farmer then says no thatís good because the crops need watering. He then says thatís good and the farmer says no thatís bad because the valley is already flooded with water. He then replies thatís bad, but the farmer says no thatís good because it needed to be washed out anyway etcÖ The premise of the show is based on how all of lifeís perceptions and experiences are only good or bad based on circumstantial perception. When one cancels out the other we naturally recognize its empty nature. So emptiness turns out to be the big joke.

Absolute truth never wavers from emptiness. Empty awareness knows that there is no such thing as good or bad and that duality is just a delusion based on relative perception. Being free from both attachment and aversion absolute truth is the primordial basis of all things, which is uncompounded pure light happiness, bliss and clarity. Realizing this the chains of duality dissolve into the vastness of space and all form of suffering are eradicated at its root. Thatís the essence of all Asian religious and medicinal systems. To adopt this view of pure perception there are two views we can adopt to help us remember the nature of reality so that it solidifies in our being and reflects in our lifeís experience.

Even though there is no such thing as good or bad I will always be a cause for good and never a cause for bad.

In these degenerate times many people use the zen or Dzogchen excuse of refuting relative truth for temporal gain. The view of Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra and so on are the highest realizations of the human potential yet politicians, businessmen and academics use them as an excuse for non-action or selfish gain. Since duality is empty in nature and there really is no karma they figure they might as well not even practice virtue or meditation and go out and have some fun. The Dalai Lama put it best when he mentioned that the four methods of tantric transformation is to be able to drink urine, eat feces, drink alcohol and have sex while maintaining meditational equipoise. Yet he says for those yogis who proclaim to be a master of tantra they should prove themselves first by drinking urine and eating feces and if they donít get sick then OK let them drink their alcohol and have sex. However for those who only use the absolute truth as an excuse to create all kinds of karma by the time they awaken from their drunken stupor in the lower realms of existence they groggily ask themselves, how did I get here, but by then itís too late and the potential of finding a way out of their predicament becomes very hard indeed. So to adopt the absolute view while maintaining the relative precepts of no killing, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct or intoxication is the safest way to transcend to complete enlightenment. This is best exemplified by the vulture feather in Guru Rimpocheís hat. The vulture feather signifies that even though he has the highest view, like that of a vulture, his actions are as refined as flour and only benefits sentient beings. So remember the pledge, even though there is no such thing as good or bad I will only be a cause for good and never a cause for bad, follow the five precepts and guarantee your spot in heaven.

Another view to adopt to avoid falling into the lower realms is that all the glories of all my lifetimes are the blessings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. All the negativities, pain and suffering are created solely by the karma of my own actions. From the three modes of perception outer, inner and secret these views might seem like a contradiction but they are not. On the outer level most people think that if I created all of my sadness then it was I who created all of my happiness too so why develop such an apparently contradictory view? The reason why is to develop egolessness, which is the root of Bodhicitta. To develop Bodhicitta we have to cut the fifth root poison of pride and ďIĒ fixation at its root. By being anchored in the awakened mind beyond self Bodhicitta pacifies all of the five root poisons of ignorance, greed, jealousy, hatred and pride as they arise. Ignorance is not something we donít have it is something we do have, the thought of I. It is the false belief in our own existence that we call ignorance because the belief in our own existence prevents us from knowing the totality of our existential existence, which is pure awareness mind as vast as space. So by limiting ourselves to a small group of molecules, cells, organs, tissues and limbs we loose the sight of the vastness of our true self. When we are blinded by this ignorance we develop greed because now we have to feed the beast. Having to feed the beast we get jealous of other who are already fat. Jealous of our fat competitors we develop hatred and try to destroy them. After we destroy them we become prideful of our achievement and even though we become the king of the hill for this brief moment in time the karma that caused us to get to be king also becomes the cause for our rebirth in the depths of hell. So that is way we have to cut the root of our pride way before it develops and the only way to do that is through the profound practice of meditation and contemplation.

On the innermost secret level of wisdom awareness when we have turned all of our glories over to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas we are not wrong in the relative or absolute level of truth because our own true nature is none other than Buddha nature. In the deep space of our own minds duality dissolves into its vast nature and the unity of the two truths becomes apparent in the awakened mind. So whether the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas or our own selves created the glories of this life both become true simultaneously in the non-dual awareness of wisdom mind.

Though there is no such thing as good or bad I will always be a cause for good and never be a cause for bad, samaya!!!

The Gate of Destiny & The Fire of Life

Since beginningless time sentient beings have not seen the true nature of their own minds and have been swept by the karma of their own attachments, fears and desires. Because of this fact they have never escaped the wheel of birth and death. Through the dieing process when sentient beings leave their body through their eyes, ears, nose, or mouth they take rebirth in the god or demi-god realms. When they leave through their back or chest they take rebirth in the human realms. If they leave through their abdomen or lower back they take rebirth in the animal realms. If they leave through their anus, genitals or feet they take rebirth in the hell realms. If through the power of their meditation and cultivation they leave through their Tian Men/Braman Aperature/Baihui point at the top of their head then they take rebirth in a non-sentient celestial realm where they will no longer experience the suffering of the six realms of cyclic existence. In Buddhist or Daoist medicine this is called curing the myriad diseases using one method. Regardless of which point they left through in their previous lives through the inception of the joining of their consciousness with the father and mother essence of their future life all sentient beings take rebirth in a physical body by entering the Ming Men, The Gate of Destiny.

Ming is the programmed structural pattern of the allaya consciousness, ah lai ya xin or ling hun. Like a computer the ming is constantly being programmed by our environmental influences, thought patterns and actions. Whatever thoughts or actions we commit in this life will determine the experience of our future and next life. Thatís why mystics with direct insight or masters of the Yijing can calculate the destiny of sentient beings. When the consciousness has been set free during the dieing process the program of our destiny will drive our consciousness through a series of seven cycles of seven days. During this period of time many signs will appear and many door will open but most people with little or no spiritual training will not recognize them and due to the attachments of their own mundane delusions will not escape the cycles of samsara. After forty nine days the karmic connections derived through our previous habitual patterns will send our consciousness to conjoin with the father and mother essence of our parents during conception. When the sperm of our father essence enters the egg of our mother essence it enters through the Gate of Destiny of the newly fertalized fetus. The Gate of Destiny is also the nucleus of gestation. When the first embryonic cell splits into two it creates the central channel or dragon Vein of our new existence. Then the two cells divide again creating the conception vessel, governor vessel and the belt vessel. As the cells keep splitting all of the channels, collateral, meridians and super subtle veins and nerves are created. After gestation is complete the Gate of Destiny closes to contain the fire of life.

The Gate of Destiny is the pre-natal door of life and is located on the lower back on the governor channel between the two kidneys. Like a boiler it contains the fire of life while surrounded by water. The fire of life provides all of the yang functions of the body while the kidney water keeps the fire of life from getting out of control. The Sea of Qi is in charge of post-natal life and is located just opposite of the Gate of Destiny. It starts nourishing a fetus as soon as it begins to draw qi and blood from the uterus wall of its mother. Bellow it is the Primordial Gate and above it is the Spirit Gate. The area encompassing all of these points are collectively knows as the lower Dan Tien or Field of Energy. The pilot light of the Field of Energy is none other than the fire of life itself. The symbiotic relationship of the lower field of energy between the Gate of Destiny and the Sea of Qi is like a taiji ball. The fire of life is the true yang point of the yin apparent. The Gate of Destiny controls all yang functions of the body. It engenders all of the channels, collaterals, meridians and warms the entire body. It gives the power for the heart to pump, the spleen to digest, the lungs to descend, the liver to control and the kidneys to store. The fire of life that lives inside the Gate of Destiny arises out of the Primordial Qi in the lower aspect of the Field of Energy. Through its cultivation immortality is said to be achieved. The function of the Dragon Vein is also derived from the fire of life. By utilizing the fire of life during the dieing process one is able to project their consciousness through the Dragon Vein out through Heavenís Gate into the celestial realms. All of these functions depend on the fire of life located in the Gate of Destiny. When the Gate of Destiny no longer functions and the Fire of Life is extinguished, one is dead. They body returns to the five elements of apparent phenomena and the Allaya Consciousness enters the Gate of Destiny in a newly fertilized embryo to repeat the cycle of life once more.

The Gate of Destiny & The Fire of Life Should Be Cultivated To Open The Door of Heaven!!!

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Most people just assume that they are going to heaven when they die. They always say things like when I get to heaven Iím going to do this or that. When someone dies they say they'll see them when they get to heaven, or now that so and so's in heaven they're in a better place. But, how do we know that they went to heaven? How do we know weíre going to heaven? In fact how do we even know there is a heaven? But, most importantly, whether or not heaven actually exists or not, are we actually doing the work that will deliver us to heaven's door?

Deluded beings believe they are going to heaven while they simultaneously create the karma of going to hell. The Ten Commandments are the guiding principles of the West. The Five Precepts are the guiding principles of the East. Yet with all of these very specific guidelines to get into heaven we can barley follow any of them even for just one a day. Soldiers kill, politicians lie, businessmen steal, priests have sex, children are intoxicated and everyoneís so fascinated with all of this activity that they plug into the matrix of the TV and Internet so they can soak it in all day and night. Distracted by these negative delusions of social construct they miss heaven's door when their time comes.

Just to get ahead in life people spend their entire week creating all kinds of negative karmas. Then they think that as long as theyíre baptized or go to church on Sunday that theyíll be absolved of their sins and can still make it to heaven's door. Some people think they can strap a bomb to their back and blow up a market, as long as itís in the name of God, theyíll still make it to heaven's door. Some people think that as long as theyíre spreading democracy they can invade sovereign nations, kill hundreds of thousands of men, women and children and still make it to heaven's door. Some people think they can throw their adversary into the river with cement shoes and as long as they say a few hail Marys on Sunday or give the church a big donation they will still make it to heaven's door, but unfortunately you canít buy your way into heaven. Even as deluded beings evoke the names of their gods they simultaneously create the karma of rebirth in hell.

To go to heaven you have to do the work of heaven. To do the work of heaven you have to follow the laws of heaven. To follow the laws of heaven you have to know them and abide by them even at the cost of your profit margins and life. To be a Christian means to be Christ like, so for the sake of others you create no harm, but sacrifice yourself instead. To be a Buddhist means to be Buddha like, so you follow the three stages of morality, meditation and wisdom so all beings may achieve the Pure Land. Only by following in the foot steps of the enlightened ones will heaven's door open. For those that invoke the names of God while creating negative karmas the torments of hell only gets deeper. For those that sincerely follow the path with love, compassion, wisdom, repentance and rejoicing their residual karmas will eventually be purified and enter heaven's door.

For the practice of morality based on no killing, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct or intoxication make two piles of rocks each a different color. Every night before you go to bed take one colored rock for every misdeed you made and put it in one pile. Take the other colored rock for every good deed you made in put it in the other pile. As the good rocks out weigh the bad ones you chances of knocking on heaven's door increases.

For the practice of meditation take at least one TV show off a day and meditate instead. So many people say they donít have time to meditate but they seem to have plenty of time for TV and e-mail. If you take off one TV show every day, cross your legs, watch your breath and just sit in the great silence of your own divinity youíll begin to hear the angels sing knocking on heavenís door.

For the practice of wisdom, when people develop a moral life full of meditation, heaven descends upon the earth and the truly sweet nectar of lifeís inheritance is obtained.

To Knock on Heaven's Door One Must Get There Frst!!!

Castles Made Of Sand

Most people in the material world spend their entire life working real hard to buy the big house on the hill with the white picket fence. After many years of hard work in school to get a good job and then many years of hard work at their job to get their dream house they can finally move in around the middle years of their life just in time to have kids. Once they finally move and have kids they end up having to work even harder to take care of the house. Constantly cleaning and fixing a house is a full time job so, do we really own the house, or is it the house that owns us? When people grasp onto material objects those objects end up owning us as much as we own them and no matter how strong, safe and secure we build our houses they are all just castles made of sand that, slips into the sea, eventually.

No matter how much we try to build a house that will last forever cracks, leaks, fires, old age and natural disasters will eventually dissolve them back into the earth. Even the great pyrimads will eventually turn to dust and be blown away by the four winds. The same is true for all of our possessions, friends, family, our bodies and even our very name will all eventually disappear from this earth. From the highest mountain to the smallest rock all things will eventually dissolve in time. Everyone innately knows that all things are impermanent and bound to die but most people still just waste their lifeís essence grasping at meaningless objects distracted from what is truly beneficial in this life, spiritual practice. There is a famous Chinese saying, ďthose that are fixated on life are actually dead. Those that fixate on death are actually full of lifeĒ.

The death of life
People who are fixated on the material life are full of worries and afflictions, attachments and aversions that prevent them from seeing the only permanent substance in the entire universe, the true nature of their own mind. Instead they are fixated on temporal meaningless objects that may provide some temporal comfort but in reality have no substantial or permanent value. Think of the very first car you ever bought. At first it was the most important thing in your life. You washed it, took care of it, payed off the loan and drove it for a few good years but where is it now? Now, it's probably just a pile of garbage in the junk yard or has already dissolved into the great abyss of recycling. Like us they are impermanent and bound to die. No matter how much stuff we gather and money we make we canít bring it with us to our next life. If we go to heaven we canít bring it up there. If we go to hell we canít bring it down there either. We showed up in this life cold and naked without even a pocket to put a penny in, so why are we so fixated with accumulating so many meaningless riches that serve only to bog us down in the six realms of cyclic existence? The only things we can take with us when we die are the good and bad karmas that we've created through our thoughts, speech and actions. The rest are just and anchor stuck in hte ocean of samsara.

Our fixations to material phenomena create the attachments and aversions that then create the five poisons of ignorance, greed, hatred, jealousy and pride. It is because of these poisonous emotions that we create karma, have never escaped the wheel of birth and death, and have had to endure the suffering of the four stages of birth, old age, sickness and death since beginningless time. So people who are fixated on the material life are actually already dead because the natural radiance of their eternal life has been over shadowed like the way storm clouds block the sun from shining. Like the sun their natural radiance has always been there. Itís just being over shadowed by the conflictive emotions of their five root poisons. Like zombies they have no spirit and no hope for escaping the ocean of suffering much less the wheel of birth and death. When our minds are full of attachment to our material possessions we become obscured from the unborn deathless innate light of our own true nature.

The life of death
Death is the only truth of life. We never know what will happen to us moment by moment, hour by hour, day to day, month to month or year to year but we all know that some day we will die. This is the only guaranteed fact of life. Even the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Jesus Christ-the Son of God with all their power have died so why should we be any different? Thatís why the first teaching of the Buddha after his enlightenment was meditation on death. By meditating on death we begin to realize hey, we could go at anytime, so we better put more effort into our meditation while we are still able to breath because regardless of what ever religion we believe in meditation is the key to realization.

Quite often people say they donít believe in God or Buddha but then as soon as they get into a car accident or end up ill in the hospital the first thing they cry out is, ďoh God, what did I do to deserve thisĒ. Only then do they start contemplating the meaning of life and death and how best to spend the rest of the little time they have left. Unfortunately though by the time they come to this realization they have already squandered most of their lifeís energy on meaningless activities. Lifeís habitual patterns have set in and they are too weak or old to begin a strong spiritual practice. That's why it is best to start now while we have some energy left.

By meditating on death you will be ready when the time comes. You will be fearless when the signs of death arrives and confident in your ability to achieve liberation. If youíve practiced a truly religious life you will have the comfort of an unshakable faith that your transference of consciousness will be complete and will never have to experience the pains of birth, old age, sickness and death ever again. Good practitioners just naturally slip off into the abyss with grace like a pet hopping into its owner lap. Realized practitioners will demonstrate the rainbow body and dissolve their physical aggregate into the vastness of space. Some masters like the sixth patriarch left their body as an object of refuge and some like Teswang Rimpoche just flew straight up into the sky. How you go will be up to your own spiritual accomplishment. May it be glorious!

And So, Castles Made of sand, Slips Into The Sea, Eventually !!!

The Mystic & The Politician

Mystics are religious spiritual practitioners who, endowed with the five root virtues of love, compassion, wisdom, repentance and rejoicing, find the unity of all religions. They can see the wisdom light that radiates from all saints and saviors regardless of their national origin and take refuge in all of the sacred sources of refuge equally. No killing, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct or intoxication are their guiding commandments and they learn how to follow them so that wisdom will eventually dawn in their mind stream for the sake of all sentient beings including themselves.

Politicians on the other hand are heads of state who, afflicted by ignorance, greed, hatred, jealousy and pride, divide all religions for political gain. They divide and conquer peoples of different nations using their religion as an excuse to kill, lie, steal, have sexual misconduct and increase their intoxication. Their doctrine always sounds religious and they always exclaim how theyíre working for the people but instead of the peace and prosperity they promised their actions usually end in poverty and genocide.

Religions and political demagoguery are responsible for all of the major genocides in this world yet the very foundational principle of all religions is thou shalt not kill and the foundational principle for all political movements are freedom and prosperity for their subjects. Though the mystic and the politician both talk about engendering life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness one path usually leads to heaven and the other one leads to hell. The difference is not in their verbiage but in their actions. Mao Ze Dong and Bush doctrine sounds like Buddhism or Christianity but their actions have led to mass genocide, which is contrary to their own doctrine. Buddha nor Jesus ever kill anyone for any reason but sacrifices themselves instead for others. They were truly perfected pacifists. In fact most Bodhisattvas or saints commit a major selfless action as the catalyst for achieveing full Buddhahood or unity with god.

Before Shakyamuni became a Buddha he was know as the Master of Great Patience. Once the local king and his maidens were on a stroll through the forest. The king laid down to take a rest and the maidens saw the Master of Patience meditating near by so they went to talk to him. Suddenly the king woke up and saw the master talking to his maidens and was enraged. The king ran over and said who are you and the yogi replied that he was the Master of Patience. The king drew his sword and chopped off his arm and said where is your patience now? The master replied that he was still patient. The King cut off his other arm and the master said he was still patient. That enraged the king even more so he cut off the masterís head. As the masterís head rolled onto the ground milk nectar flowed from his neck and said if I can maintain my patience through this experience may I obtain Buddhahood in my next life. In his next life he achieve complete Buddhahood and saved the king, madiens and countless beings from the ocean of suffering ever since. When Jesus Christ was crucified he could have easily summoned the power of God to wipe out the Romans and Jews but he didnít. Instead he allowed his oppressors to nail him to a cross to demonstrate his patience, love and compassion and still absolved them and the entire world of their sins. These are the paths of the mystic.

Many may invoke their religion for use in battle but I don't really think that's what the saints had in mind. If we demonstrate the same type of patience and grace in our reactions to 911 we can show the world that we are truly a land of human rights and freedom. One worthy of respect and emulance. May the day come when the politicians realize the way of the mystic where doctrine and actions are united in the one taste awareness of wisdom mind. Every now and again Buddhas have eminated as divine kings to lead their people in the right direction. Hopefully it will happen again in more auspicious times.

Long Live The Mystic Politician Who Can Maintain The Mandate of Heaven!!!

The Dragon & Pheonix Returns To The Nest

Ethereal Substance Congee

Name: The external meaning of Chinese medicine (zhong Yi) is in reference to the systems of healing that has been traditionally used by the people of the Central Kingdom (Zhong Guo). The internal meaning is the direct realization of the Central Channel (Zhong Mai) that liberates the totality of suffering and bestows the realization of bliss and clarity. The secret meaning is the unity of mind and body, bliss and clarity, Heaven and Earth and the fusion of yin and yang back into is original non-dual nature. Therefore the name of our ethereal substance congee is the Dragon and Phoenix Returning to The Nest to symbolize the non-dual nature of the original source in which disease becomes not just managed but liberated through the blessings of wisdom medicine. Different congees should be cooked according to the lunar calander and consecrated. Some of the best times to cook congee is on the first, eigth, fifteenth and twenty third of the lunar month as well the solstice and equinox. The four congees should be cooked according to the four seasons. Green bean in the summer, red bean in the winter, white bean in the fall and black bean in the spring. After all of the harmonizing ingredients for the particular consumers of the congee have been gathered and cooked a drop of dutsi shold be added and the puja tsok prayers recited. Only when these formalities have been accomplished can it be called Ethereal Substance Congee. When consuming this congee in a state of meditation with the aspiration to liberate all sentient beings with this immortal elixir then the Dragon and Phoenix Returning to the Nest Ethereal Substance Congee can bestow the blessings of abundant health, peace and prosperity.

Ingredients: Magnetic water, red bean, ze mi, yi mi, xu mi, xiao mi, lain zi, yin er, hong zao, long yan and one ethereal substance pill (dutsi).

Actions: The water was magnetized to open the atoms of the water so that is would be purified and easily absorbed by the body. When it is absorbed into the body it also magnetizes the bodyís internal homeostatic water and really increases oneís health. Red bean, zi mi, yi mi, xu mi, xiao mi and lian zi all together strengthens the spleen, nourishes the blood and smoothes the qi. Red bean and red date in particular nourishes the blood. Yi mi leeches dampness, yin er nourishes lung and stomach yin and all together nourishes the spleen, leaches damp, nourishes the blood, smoothes the qi and calms the spirit.

When to use: Use this congee after giving birth, when digestion is weak, for blood and qi deficiency, as a general health tonic or as a ganachakra puja.

How to make: Add a little yellow rock sugar and boil for one and a half hour.

References: the Yellow Emperor's Internal Sutra states that when the spleen is strong one will not be attacked by evil energies. In the tantras of Padmasambhava he states many times that the consumption of ethereal substances has the best health benefits and potentiates enlightenment. Amongst the mountain people of Sichuan Province they commonly use the Eight Precious Ingredient Congee for daily health preservation. The Dragon and Phoenix Returning to The Nest Ethereal Substance Congee is made to achieve unity of mind and body so that yin and yang can return to its original non-dual nature. I wish everyone eternal good health, peace and prosperity, long life and wisdom!!!

The unity of the Dragon & Pheonix is the non-dual awareness of all sentient beings, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!!! !!!

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