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Reversing Our Polarity Into The Vastness of Space

All we really are is a conglomeration of atoms and molecules floating in space held together by the thought of a self-existing mass called "I". Because we think that this "I" actually exists the polarity of our thought signals magnetize the electrons and protons to coagulate into a biomass that we identify as our "self". This self goes on to magnetize other atomic masses such as food, clothing, shelter and a whole host of consumer products thinking that the more we have the happier we will be. however, no matter how much the I is able to amass in this life it never reaches a state of true happiness because gathered mass is impermanent which defies the grasping habit of I. That's why all of the enlightened masters since beginningless time have reached ultimate happiness through reversing their polarity into the vastness of space.

By reversing the polarity of "self"-ishness into "self"-lessness the process of consumption transforms into generosity and all of the aggregates called "I" dissolves into the space of primordial awareness. That's why the Buddha taught us generosity as the first of the six perfections that lead us to the ultimate state of wisdom. Quite often when great masters such as the Karmapa or Druwang Rimpoche have entered deep meditation the thought of I dissolves and their bodies have actually been recorded dissolving into rainbow light and have even dissapeared into space all together right in front of people with cameras and cam corders. So by reversing the polarity of our self-grasping nature into the divine expression of generosity we too can develop the ultimate attainment of the rainbow body and dissolve our physical aggergates back into the vastness of primordial wisdom space.

All things in the manifest world are simply the five wisdom energies that arise from the clear light nature of our own wisdom minds. They arise as the phantom dreams and delusions of a mentally created reality. That's why everyone experiences phenomena in a different way even though they receive the same stimuli. Phenomena arises in the mind as the five wisdom energies, course the five mental processes of form, feelings, perception, impulses and consciousness and will eventually dissolve back into the clear light nature from which they came from. Through deep meditation the awareness beyond self arises and that awareness is free from all attachments and aversions. freedom from all attachments and aversions is none other than the great state of equanimity of self liberated awareness.

The five stages of our thought process known as the five skandas begin with form. Form is an actual object or situation in our life's experiences. Feelings are how we feel towards that object whether it is good, bad or neutral. Perception is developing an emotion in relation to the object or situation. Impulses are acting out how we feel about the object or situation. Consciousness is the solidified karma of interacting with that object or situation. By remaining neutral free from all attachment and aversion, hope and fear, pushing or pulling to all arising objects and situations in life's experiences their control over us has nowhere to take root. When they can't take root there is no place to grow and they just dissolve back into the vastness of space where they originally came from. This is the great self liberated state of primordial awareness. Most people who are just stepping onto the path that leads to primordial awareness have a hard time spontaneously liberating all of their thoughts and life's situations as they arise. That is why the primordial Buddha Samantabhadra taught us the five ways to reverse our polarity into the vast expanse of space.

All objects and life's experiences arise from the vastness of our own minds or the groundless state of space. They come into our lives from nowhere, exist for a moment in time and dissolve back into the vastness of space. There is nothing in life that is truly permanent except for the eternal light of primordial awareness, which is not a thing but actually the container and true nature of all things. All things arise and descend from the creation and dissolution of the five elements. From space arises wind. From wind arises fire. From fire arises water. From water arises earth. From earth descends water. From water descends fire. From fire descends wind. And, from wind descends space in a never-ending cycle of atomic interaction, over action and counter action that creates and dissolves the phenomenal world in which we live. From the vastness of space all things manifest in the form of electromagnetic light energy that radiates in forms detectable with the five sense organs; eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body. What we know of the world we see, hear, smell, tastes or feel. What we see comes from the five colors. What we hear comes from the five sounds. What we smell comes from the five odors. What we taste comes from the five flavors. What we feel comes from the five textures. All of our experiences in life come from these five sense perceptions and their consciousnesses as they course the five skandhas.

The five poisonous states of mind of the five elements are ignorance, greed, jealousy, hatred and pride. Ignorance is the root cause of our suffering which is the false belief that the "I" actually exists. Most people think of ignorance as lacking something but in this case it is actually something that we've acquired, the delusion of an independently existing mass called "I". Once we have established the I, me or mine the karma of suffering, causes and conditions now have a place to take root and that is why the first root poison is ignorance. The ignorant "I" now needs to magnetize food, clothing and shelter for its apparent survival and this gives rise to the second root poison of greed. Now that we are consuming masses of gross material phenomena we become unhappy when we see others who have even more than we do and this gives rise to the third root poison of jealousy. Now that we are jealous of others we are willing to slander, covet, manipulate, steal and even hurt others to get ahead, which gives rise to the third root poison of hatred. Now that we hate others we are willing to compete with them, hurt them, steal from them and even kill them, which gives rise to the fifth root poison of pride. Once we become king of the hill and full of pride we look down on others and easily allow all of the poisonous emotions to arise creating the negative karma that has kept us locked in the prison cell of the six realms of samsara since beginningless time.

With great compassion the king of Bodhisattvas Samantabhadra taught us how to reverse the polarity of our five poisonous emotions and transform them into the five wisdom activities of the bliss light dakinis. When we reverse the polarity of our ignorance it is transformed into wisdom. When we reverse the polarity of our greed it is transformed into compassion. When we reverse the polarity of our jealousy it is transformed into rejoicing. When we reverse the polarity of our hatred it is transformed into love. When we reverse the polarity of our pride it is transformed into humility. When we reverse the polarity of our five poisonous emotions they become the five root medicines and the five elements transform into the five pure wisdom rainbow lights and the five bija syllables of the divine yidam and mantra. The gross elements dissolve into the subtle elements and the subtle elements dissolve into the sublime primordial space of boundless equanimity. By developing our generosity and meditation the polarity of our molecular conglomeration reverses so that we too can dissolve into the vastness of space like the Karmapa and Druwang Rinpoche. In fact the young lama Gatuo Rinpoche of White Jade County, Tibet has already led over ten thousand students to the rainbow body and if we commit ourselves to a practice of meditation and generosity we too can reverse our polarity into the vastness of space.

Reverse the polarity of samsara and nirvana is naturally obtained!!!

Finding the Perfect Diet

To be a vegetarian is definitely better than being a meatatarian, and being a somarian is definitely better than being a vegetarian. Being a breatharian is definitely better than being a somarian, but to be a conceptarian is supreme. Being a conceptarian is the healthiest diet possible physically, mentally and spiritually but whether one can actually learn to feast on the sublime nectar of concepts is truly an acquired taste. The pure nectar of wisdom light is the most sumptuous feast of the Bliss Gone Ones. It is the smorgasbord that fills the vastness of space and is served on platters of gold and jewels. Only acquired through the consumption of the Nine Yanas do practitioners of the supreme path delight in such a feast. So to make a conscious decision to become a conceptarian is definitely the best diet one can choose.

On a humanistic level to be a vegetarian is supreme. Some people are vegetarians because they are on a diet, donít like the taste of meat, are part of a spiritual group or because they make a conscious decision not to murder poor innocent animals who suffer just like you or I would if our flesh were torn from our bones for the delight of their consumers. In India and China it is easy to be a vegetarian because they have thousands of years of vegetarian culture to support their communities. Their foods are balanced and cooked properly so that a vegetarian can live a good, long and healthy life. If for medical reasons they need meat they might have some until their condition is cured but as the Buddha has mentioned to be too extreme is not the Middle Way.

In the west we donít have a vegetarian culture so along with it comes a lot of illness. In western groups such as the Chinese Buddhist community or the Indian Hare Krishnas they have enough support to be vegetarians but most American vegetarians do not. The foods they eat are usually too cold in nature and they often take lots of supplements creating a whole host of gastrointestinal problems. It is common to see them in the clinic where luckily for them Chinese medicine can be of great benefit. Not having a lot of food choices, especially when they step out of their diet zone, it is easy for vegetarians to become upset. Becoming upset creates negativity and the spiritual equilibrium theyíre trying to cultivate often goes right out the window. Vegetarians sometimes think they are spiritually superior to others as well and that ego is also very self-defeating. Vegetarians often make their world a lot smaller. They donít travel well and they find it hard to break bread with people from other cultures so they end up cutting themselves off from a lot of lifeís blessings. In many of the vegetarian restaurants they serve vegetarian duck, pork and fish etcÖ but if you plan on eating vegetarian dishes named after animals you might as well eat the real thing. Maybe it would better to go to a meatatarian restaurants that serves meat dishes that look like and are called broccoli, eggplant, and squash so you donít have to eat animals. Having a vegetarian ego can easily separate them from the larger non-vegetarian society and that dualistic fixation can create more obstacles to social harmony. As a vegetarian it is also sometimes too easy to neglect the spirit of the plants you eat and their spirits can feel just as tortured as an animals.

In Beijing the author of the Dream Of The Red Chamber felt a presence come into his house one evening and his light bulb went dim. He cried out what do you want but their was no reply. He could not see who it was so he told them to send him a dream so he could help solve the problem. That night the spirit of the grass came to him and said the flowers and trees were well watered but they the grass was dying of thirst. When he woke up he immediately watered the grass and the presence left his house and the light bulb returned to normal. In the Philippines a friend named Eddie went across the mountain to get a cow for his wedding party. When he got back he became deathly sick. The western doctors were of no use and finally someone brought him to see an old lady mystic. She burnt a candle in a pot of water and asked if he was on the mountain the other day and he replied yes. She asked him if he took a leak on a tree on the mountain and he replied yes. She said the spirit of the tree was very mad that you pissed on him so heís taking revenge. The old lady made a bundle of offerings and told him to take it to the tree and say sorry. As soon as he laid the offering at the bottom of the tree his fever broke, his sweating stopped and he immediately returned to normal. So, if you are a vegetarian and you think that youíre not hurting anyone by being a vegetarian think again. If a tree or bush is six feet tall or taller it has a fully-grown spirit living in it. Before cutting down any tree a person should go to it three days in advanced to let them know so that they cane move. Trees, bushes, plants, animals, valleys, mountains and sky all have spirit but in todayís modern world our vision has become so dull weíre killing the spirit of entire planet. Confucius said that when we leave the way of harmony calamity results. This is becoming more and more obvious with the result of global warming.

The karmic debt of a vegetarian can be very heavy indeed but the yoke of a meat eater is truly heavy. Thatís why if meat eaters have to eat meat they should try to stick to the three Jing meats. The three Jing meats are meat that you didnít kill yourself, meat that you didnít see killed or meat that wasnít killed for you. This allows some karmic separation between you and the animal that was killed for your meal. In the west weíre great at eating the three Jing meats. We are so separated from the meat process itís not even meat by the time we get it, itís plastic. In the West where McDonalds, Burger King and the like are the most popular restaurants, what most people know about animals and meat is that they either come wrapped in plastic located in the refrigerated section of the supermarket or placed neatly in the middle of a sesame seed bun. Meat corporations have greatly desensitized the public from the inhumanity of the meat industry but we are still not totally free of its karmic debt. Beyond the three Jing meats we should definitely not eat fresh meat. Of course everyone wants fresh meat. Itís the most expensive, nutritious and still has the energy of life but it is also the most dangerous. When an animal is tortured, slaughtered and cut into little pieces it undergoes tremendous suffering and naturally wants revenge. When the spirit of an animal leaves its body it stays around for a while. Like people who hover around the ceiling of operating room in a hospital during a fatal operation theyíve yet to move on. When an animal looks down and sees you eating their meat they get very mad and take revenge and thatís why many people get sick from eating meat. Itís not always E. coli or salmonella, itís revenge. So waiting a day or more for the spirit to move on is usually a good idea.

Whether we eat vegetables, meat or a combination of the two we have participated in killing life so that our lives may continue. Even if we didnít pick the vegetables or kill the animals ourselves we share its karmic burden so we shouldnít be so cavalier when we eat our food. This being the case it is very important to really be sincere about reciting our daily food prayers. There are many types of food prayers giving thanks to the creator and so on but we should really repent the deeds of our sentience as we bless the food. Then we should offer it and ourselves to all of our karmic debtors first, then the six classes of beings and when samsara is completely empty we too transfer our consciousness beyond the realms of consumerism into the Purelands.

Beyond vegetarianism and meatarianism is somarianism. Soma is the consecrated elixir substances that bestows intrinsic health, wealth and wisdom. They are sacred substances that have been consecrated through the gathering of elements and rituals to help heal the mind and body, transfer the consciousness to a pureland, or bring about direct realization of the absolute nature. Christians use soma every time they eat the body of Christ and drink his blood. On an outer level it is just bread and wine. On the inner level it is the energy of Jesus. On the secret level it really is the Christ. Yogis use soma every time they eat dutsi, which is a combination of medicinal substances, herbs and body parts of famous masters, their intention and energy. In this case it is not a symbolic body and blood of a divine being, it really is the body and blood of a divine being. In the tantras it is said that eating this soma is the fastest way to accomplishment. Guru Rinpoche constantly tells us to stick to mountain retreats and live off of soma. He says that it is impossible for a yogi to starve to death even in the most remote places. As long as we are on the path soma will appear to nourish our channels and bestow the blessings of the Sambogakaya. There are no negative consequences living off of soma so by partaking of this immortal nectar the blessing flow for the sake of all sentient beings.

Beyond vegetarianism, meatarianism and somarianism is breathariaism. When mystics develop control over their bodies, energies and minds they no longer have to eat physical food or substances. In the west itís hardly ever heard of but in China and other such places it is quite common. These aesthetics learn to live off of the energy they breath. This cuts off their karmic debts to the physical world and they soar even higher into the azures. Think about how much control over your life you would have if you didnít have to eat or drink. Just one big breath of air and youíre full. Youíd no longer be bound by the wheel of samsara working to eat and eating to work. Your meditation practice would soar beyond convention. Through the sublime practice of inner qigong, yogas and energy work practitioners of the inner path quickly lead to the supreme path of conceptarianism.

Beyond vegetarianism, meatarianism, somarianism and even breathariaism is conceptarianism. As the glorious teacher Padmasambhava manifested from the red light of a hri sitting in the middle a lotus on lake Gonakosha the king Indrabuti found him and asked him three questions; where do you come from, how do you exist and what is your purpose here. Guru Rinpoche replied that his mother and father are Samantabharda and Samantabhadri, he exists off the consumption of dualistic fixations and his purpose is to liberate all sentient beings. Samantabharda and Samantabhadri are the male and female energies of dharmakaya space which gives rise to non-apparent appearances. Duality is the thought of a self-existing mass we call I separated from the totality of all space. This I then spins the wheel of duality creating the spirit of I, the body of I, the clothes of I, the house of I, the family of I and so on. No matter what ďIĒ we categorize ourselves in they are all just concepts. The grasping nature of our ego then likes to compound this I but no matter how many aspects of I we can create they are all just concepts. There really is no I that exists just like the Zen master who was accused of teaching the dharma when he replied that he doesnít even own a tongue so how can he teach the dharma. He knew that the I and all things are just concepts so in reality he does nothing. This is the food of the Lotus Born One. Concepts are the nectar bliss that when consumed by wisdom turns into Dharma. So beyond vegetarianism, meatarianism, somarianism, breathariaism and even conceptarianism the ism is finally eaten and the entire three thousand myriads of universes are consumed in one single drop of nectar. Then as Padmasambhava replies to King Indrabuti, the purpose is to liberate all sentient beings. So, after being reborn from Dharmakaya space yogis on the path of the Great Perfection can bestow the feast of amrita that ignites the light of compassion.

Of course there are many Dzog Chen, Maha Mudra, Middle Way and Zen masters who eat meat and wine with great delight but donít get fooled by crazy wisdom. If you want to be a conceptarian first go to Chinatown and eat that stuff in the bottom of the pot and see how empty you can keep your mind as you feel it wiggling down your throat. Of the four methods of tantric transformation urine, feces, sex and alcohol see how well you take down that brew and if you can transform it into elixir without throwing up then youíre well on your way to becoming a tantrika. When practicing the Black faced Dakini sometimes a spider will appear on your puja table or in your offering bowl and youíre supposed to eat it without a second thought to pass the test as a conceptarian. However, conceptarianism canít be used as an excuse to indulge in the meat of slaughtered animals and vegetables but must be used as a soma to truly go beyond the concept of consuming. When consumer, consuming and consumed melt into the one taste awareness of wisdom mind the karma body dissolves into the rainbow body of immortality and the physical, mental and spiritual aggregates of ďIĒ will dissolve into the vastness of space far beyond the concepts of all fabricated isms. Until then Bon Appetite!

A dew drop falls from a morning glory, what is one to do!!!

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