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Qigong Acupuncture
Acupuncture Treatment
In level III qigong therapy the central focus is on the powerful healing techniques of qigong acupuncture. By being able to see, feel, extract, and transmitting qi through acupuncture needles the healing results are far greater than academic acupuncture alone, and anybody can develop this ability in a relatively short amount of time.

Academic practitioners of acupuncture spend five or six years in school learning pulsology, tongue reading, palpitation, and observation as their main diagnostic tools. Then according to the various traditional styles and theories such as yin-yang, five element, six gathering, four point, special point, time and so on, they follow a prescribed needling pattern to derive a healing result. These are all great foundational diagnostic and healing approaches but they are quite limited when compared to traditional esoteric qigong acupuncture.

The Greater the qi,
the Greater the Result.

Traditional masters know the same theories and application as academic acupuncturists, but they take it to a much higher yet simplistic level. Through a qian neng empowerment and its applications a qigong acupuncturist can simply view or feel the eighteen qualities of the external energy field of the patient and make an extremely fast and acurate daignosis. This type of diagnosis is also applied simultaneously to the treatment procedure making it even more efficient and effective.

After making a diagnosis an academic will insert needles according to traditional theories stimulating the patients own qi flow. However, A qigong acupuncturist needing just a few needles will go directly to the disease and transmit qi through them to increase its healing effect. The greater the qi the greater the result. It's just that simple. Patients are already qi deficient so just using a needle without further stimulation is limited. Various needle manipulations, heat lamps, electricity and moxabustion all have their benefits and ill side effects, but using the transmission of qi directly from the heaven and earth only has a positive affect, and the greater the qi, the greater the results. After a few years of practice, treating twenty patients at a time and even one hundred a day becomes effortless through the power of your cultivation. The two hundred years of western invasion, fifty years of Communist doctrine, ten years of Cultural Revolution, and ten years of qigong charlatanism has reeked havoc on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The esoteric practices were thrown out by the communists, scientists negated theology, and what was left was often corrupted by charlatans. To find a real master that knows the true essence of qigong and is willing to teach it is really difficult. However, once the revolution is over and legitimate qigong is stabilized these teaching will be as common as ginseng and tai chi and all of society will benefit from this ancient esoteric art of healing.

The Dharma Cure

Throughout our lives we try to increase our happiness and get rid of our pain and suffering. When ever we become sick or injured we go to a specialist in that field, and after we feel better for a while another pain invariably grows somewhere else. Each time we go to the doctor they trim off another part of the pain tree, but they never seem to get to the root of our pain and suffering. Only by applying the dharma cure can we even come close to the root of suffering because the karmic value of disease is as deep as the mind itself.

Everyone and everything will all go through the four stages of birth, old age, sickness, and death. After creation there is only dissolution. Though this process is unavoidable, it can be positively influenced and even cured through the practice of the dharma. According to the relative view of the Buddha Dharma all diseases come from the three root poisons of ignorance, greed, and hatred. Because we are greedy we ignorantly cling on to things, and by clinging on to them, we suffer from their attachments. Attachments then turn to jealousy and hatred. Hatred causes even further ignorance and the cycle of these negative emotions then create the spiritual, mental and physical illnesses that we experience on a daily basis. When these illnesses are externalized they create negative actions which then becomes the basis of our dysfunctional society. Societal disease then becomes the fertilized ground that sprouts another generation of poisonous actions in an endless cycle of suffering know as samsara.

Only the three root medicines,
can cure the three root poisons

The ultimate medicine prescribed by the Buddha is bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is a combination of the three main ingredients of love, compassion and wisdom and they are the only cure for the three root poisons. Compassion cures greed, love cures hatred and wisdom cures ignorance.

Dealing with our three root poisons with a daily dosage of love, compassion and wisdom is the everlasting cure that heals all ills and suffering.

To develop this ultimate form of medicine we should apply the three wheels of discipline, meditation, and wisdom. Moral discipline creates auspicious karma and relaxing in meditation loosens attachments to false perceptions. Then when wisdom begins to grow in our mind stream the bondage of ignorance is released so that love and compassion can grow in our hearts treating the very root cause of all our diseases. Then when our own three root poisons have been cured, the three root poisons of our society can be cured concurrently fertilizing the ground of Nirvana in which all things under heaven are in peace.

Om Mani Padme Hum

The State of Tibet: Linhai's Observations

During the '97 Summer tour of His Holiness the Dalai Lama he was asked by an audience member what we Americans could do for his country and his reply was to go and visit Tibet. Shortly afterwards QDS had organized another horse trek to the roof of the world as they have been doing for the past ten years. In confirmation to Tibet's increasing modernization we saw more road building, clear cutting, mining and hydro-electric development as we drove up into the mountains. We also noticed an increase in Tibetans wearing Chinese and Western clothes with karoke stalls blaring music down the narrow alleys of the bus stop villages along the way. Though modernization goes on we finally got off the bus mounted our steeds, and made fast for the highlands up in the land of snows.

Riding miles of switchbacks up through the dense forests and mountain streams we left civilization far behind us. Occasional Kampa nomads would appear out of nowhere herding their yaks as everyone would yell greetings of Ahlo akata and tashi deleg. Some would mention how they looked like Hopi or Cherokee Indians two hundred years ago with their braids of silver, flowing robes, and horse riding skills. After a couple of days on the trail we were finally getting broken in, though it was easy to see we would never develop the strength of the Tibetans. After a late night of horse tending, gear handling, cooking, setting up the tents and tending to our needs they would get some sleep outside in the rain and frost by the saddles just to wake up, break camp, and start all over again with smiles gleaming from their faces. They were not only down to earth they were part of it. They were brothers of the mountains and worked with perfect synchronicity between the heaven and earth.

After days of ridding we noticed the trees gave way to the grass lands and then the whole Tibetan landscape opened up before our eyes. Resting on a fourteen thousand foot high mountain pass we watched the cascades of clouds and their shadows massage the earth bellow us. Centered in the Asian mandala with China to our right and India to our left we were starting to realize just how far out there we were. Breathing in the grass lands and drinking in the sunshine we were frozen in time where our aches and pains and mundane perceptions dissolved into the Aboslute.

Descending on the other side of the mountains we reached our final Tibetan destination at the Longchen Nythink Monastery. It was an enormous temple with Buddha's relics and miracles on display everywhere. The Lamas had just completed a forty nine day meditation in the main temple and they were getting ready for an empowerment. The Panchen Lama designated the temple as an important center to rebuild and the monastery has quickly grown ever since. They are currently finishing the retreat center and the worlds second largest stupa. After receiving inconceivable blessings we headed back down to the world we had left seemingly eons ago.

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