1999 Newsletter


" I've taken several seminars and have gone on three study tours in China and Tibet with Linhai. All provided insights into qigong techniques that I've incorporated into my massage practice. My clients are very appreciative of these techniques. The study tours also provide a rare glimpse into eastern culture, history and medicine. You visit places that few, if any, tourists ever see. If you want a Holiday Inn tour, don't take this trip. It is only for those who want to take a journey into the depths of their heart and mind. "
Joel Arbouet

Joel Arbouet
Oriental Body Worker
Queens, New York

" We were walking through paradise."
James Taylor

James Taylor
New York, NY

"Linhai’s seminars, books and videotapes are excellent for the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner and teacher of qigong. Linhai is easy to understand and accessible as a person. His knowledge of the entire realm of qigong is extensive, complete and deep, both intellectually and experientially. For these reasons, Linhai's courses and study materials are perfect for the novice and the advanced qigong practitioner. "

Vaishali V.
Qigong and Yoga Instructor
Equinox Fitness Clubs,
Reebok Sports Club New York,
private instruction and classes
New York, New York

" I've taken 2 incredible journeys with Linhai to the Far East and I can’t wait until the next one. Qigong is a tremendous health care tool, especially for those over fifty to whom The Aberdeen Golf and Country Club caters. I'm so impressed with the benefits of qigong, I've had Linhai train my staff which consists of physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors. We've all incorporated these techniques in our practices with tremendous success. Linhai is a great teacher and he has become a great friend as well. "
Michael Polichano

Michael Polichano
Director of Fitness
Aberdeen Golf & Country Club
Boynton Beach, Florida

" Linhai's qigong books and videos are incredibly accessible. Starting the practice was effortless, and I felt an increase in my awareness and energy almost immediately. Having Qigong therapy treatments in conjunction with my practice has really intensified the changes for me, both physically and spiritually. I've had a more rapid 'clearing out' than I've ever experienced before...and I've tried LOTS of different therapies and practices. "

Paula Reifer
New York, New York

" Traveling to China and Tibet with Linhai was a trip of a life time. It deepened my knowledge of qigong as well as helped me grow spiritually. I feel my chi so much more now. I was impressed with the depth and breadth of Linhai"s knowledge and his gift for teaching. Since returning home, I’ve been using qigong therapy techniques to help my clients, who sometimes experience sports injuries, heal faster. "
Milton Rivera

Milton Rivera
Personal Trainer
Bronx, New York

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