Tibetan Horse Trek Through The Golden Dragon Mountains
Mahasandhi Yoga

July 31-August 9, 2013

Words can't describe the beauty and majesty of the Golden Dragon Mountains. Filled with multitudes of alpine snow capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, multi-layered mineral lakes, glaciers, hot springs, fossilized forests and fields of exotic plants and flowers it is no wonder they call the Golden Dragon Mountains Shangrila. The Golden Dragon Mountains are also home to the snow lion, snow leopard, tigers, panthers, bears, gazels, wolves and other rare species of animals. Since the golden age of the Tang Dynasty 600 AD Tibetans, Chinese, Mongolians and Turkastanis have settled in this area bringing their culture and religions with them. The Golden Dragon Mountains range from 12,000 ft. to 24,000 ft. with beautiful lush valleys surrounded by high elivation snow peaks. Tibetan villages thrive in the lush valleys and grow enough food to support the massive Buddhist Monasteries perched throughout the Golden Dragon Mountains. There is much talk about what Tibet is like but you have to go to really know. As we ride through the Tibetan landscape with the Tibetan nomads without a doubt the best way to experience all of the magic and mystery of this sacred and magical land is by horseback!!!

Dakini offerings

A Tibetan village unchanged since ancient times
Dakini offerings at Longchen Nythink Monastery

From the ancient Tang Dynasty trading post of Song Zhou we'll ride with the Tibetan nomads on horseback through the deep forests, river valleys and high mountain passes through the magical Zhaga waterfalls up to the Tibetan highlands. We'll begin with a hike through the rainbow colored lakes and waterfalls and camp out in the grassy meadows by the river. Sometimes we'll stay with the local Tibetans along the way and sometimes we'll stay at the monasteries where hundreds and thousands of monks and nuns live together to celebrate their fasinating religion of Vajrayana Buddhism. We'll visit some of Tibet's most amazing Buddhist monasteries and holy sites and seek their master's blessings, empowerments and teachings. There are no requirements or pre-requisits to enjoy this sacred journey. We'll ride and practice in a relaxed and informal way adapting to our changing environment to tap into the divine energies that pervade the Tibetan landscape. No experience in horse riding is needed either although it is good to have. Tibetan horses are much smaller than American horses and each one will be fitted to the rider's capabilities. Hiking and riding on horse back is the only way to get up in the mountains and see what Tibet is really like!

Trekking from temple to temple in the land of snows.


What to expect and what to pack: We already provide horses, tents, bedding, and food but this is a camping trip so pack according to your own needs. Sunscreen, thermo-rest sleeping pad, rain jacket, rain pants and a garbage bag to put everything in inside your back pack if it rains is higly recomended. Extra gear might include a sleeping bag, tent, a few extra layers of clothes, long johns, heavy socks, wide brim hat, flash light, toiletries and your medications. People have started their film careers on this trip so bring a camera too.

Itinerary is flexible: Horses are fit to riders abilities and we acclimate very slowly so altitude is no problem. If you want to stay on in retreat just let us know and we'll be more than happy to arrange it for you. Private tours can be arranged for groups of four or more. Enjoy!!!

Flower washing ponds

Flower washing ponds
Dakini Mountains

July, 31 - Arrive in Beijing the capital of the Central Kingdom, check into the Taiwan Hotel rest and relax, after dinner herbal bath reflexology and evening bodywork.

August, 1 - Morning flight to Chengdu and drive up the mountains to the Ancient Tang Dynasty trading post of Song Zhou. We will pass many Han, Qiang, hui, and Tibetan villages along the way so you can see for yourself exactly how the Tibetans are living. Shop for last minute supplies, Tibetan long coats, rain coats, hats, carpets, jewelery, knives, snacks etc... This will be the last contact with civilization till the end of the trip. After horse selection we will mount up and ride to the amazingly beautiful Housi Gelug Temple. Evening dinner by the camp fire.

August, 2 - Spend the day at Housi Gelug Temple. visit with the local monks. Request an audience with the abbot if he's available, frolick in the crystal clear streams, evening dinner by the camp fire.

August, 3 - Ride to Zhaga Waterfalls and camp out on the peak. Afternoon hike through the waterfalls. This is one of the stops made by the legendary monk Tang Seng and the Monkey King on their journey west.

August, 4 - Ride up into the mountains across the plains to Da Gou Pass and camp out in the fields of wild mountain flowers.

August, 5 - Ride to Bonpo Temple, camp out or stay in the temple, learn about the local Bon religion, which is Tibet's original religion. Inside the prayer wheel house used to be two gentelmen that were there for fifty years in retreat.

August, 6 - Ride across the high plains up to 13,000 Ft. and the source of the Yellow River and the Mekong River, camp on the side of the river,

August, 7 - Ride to the Longchen Nythink Monastery one of the largest in the world.

August, 8 - Free day at the Longchen Nythink Monastery, audience with the abbot Jamyang Rimpoche if he's available, request an audience and teachings.

August, 9 - Morning bus pass the snow peaks into the valley and see the amazing homes of the local Eastern Tibetans on our way back to Chengdu. afternoon flight to Chengdu-Beijing

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