Nyingma Temples of Kham
Pilgrimage, Healing Mission & the Mahasandhi Yoga of Guru Rinpoche

July 10-July, 24 2017

Nyingma Kathok Monastery

Nyingma Dzogchen Monastery

Nyingma Payul Monastery

Nyingma Larung Monastery

On our land cruiser roadtrip through the mountains of Kham we will visit some of the most amazing Nyingma Buddhist Monasteries in the world, such as Dzogchen, Payul, Kathok, Larung, Shechen and others. We will offer plenty of time for individual practice as well as group practice in Guru Rinpoche's Shower of Blessings, and Chod. We are working on the itinerary now, and will stay flexible according to the local schedule of empowerments, transmissions, teachings, blessings, and weather.

What to expect and what to pack - We'll be going through lots of different altitudes, and weather patterns, but we will be protected by our cozy land cruiser, and nice accommodations along the way. So the only thing necessary is a few layers, a warm coat, and sunblock.

July 10 Chengdu-Kangding Flight MU5443 08:30-09:25, Kangding Airport-Tagong-Bamei-Daofu-Luhuo-Garze

July 11 Garze-Zhuqing-Dege: Dzogchen & Shechen Monasteryp>

July 12 Dege-Payul: Parkhang Sutra-Printing House

July 13 Payul-Garze: Payul Monastery

July 14 Garze-Serda

July 15 Serda: Larung Gar

July 16 Serda-Barkham

July 17 Barkham-Chengdu

July 18 Chengdu-Lhasa Flight TV9913 06:00-08:35

July 19 Lhasa: Potala, Jokhang, Barkhor

July 20 Lhasa: Drepung, Sera

July 21 Lhasa-Samye: Samye Monastery

July 22 Samye: Chimphu

July 23 Samye: Drak Young Zul

July 24 Samye-Gonggar Airport, Lhasa-Chengdu Flight TV9804 13:25-15:30

Bosom of Ekajati
Entering inner cave

Bosom of Ekajati at the inner sanctum of the Guru Rinpoche Cave
Entering inner cave

Hand print of Yeshe Tsogyal
Path to inner cave

Hand print of Yeshe Tsogyal to protect anyone who enters
Path to inner cave

Drawing by Guru Rinpoche
Red and White Sandalwood Ladder brought by Tara

Hung finger drawing by Guru Rinpoche
Red and White Sandalwood Ladder brought by Tara

Prayer Festival
Wanfo Pagoda

Praying in the courtyard
Palchor Monastery, the 10,000 Buddha Stupa

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Wrathful Guru Rimpoche at The Samye Monastery

Temple disciplinarian

Pilgrim at Samye Monastery

Drak Yongzul The caves of Drak Younzul

The Hot Springs of Terdrom

Yeshe Tsogyal Reincarnation of Yeshe Tsogyal at Terdrom

The hills are alive with the sound of mantra

Shoton Festival Shoton festival with about 200,000 pilgrims

Rainbow over Hotel Rainbow over our hotel