Wudang Mountain Trek

Sept. 9 - 19, 2004

Wudang Mountain is the Southern Center of Daoism and is where many of the Daoist martial arts, medicine and wisdom traditions have started. The mountain range stretches out like a dragon by the Yangtze River for three hundred and seventy miles with its main peak rising to 5000 ft. it is called Heaven’s Pillar. At the Heaven's Pillar Peak is the Golden Summit Monastery where Daoists come to worship Zhen Wu at the bronze hall cast during the Ming Dynasty in 1416. Although made famous in modern times with the movie Croutching Tiger Hidden Dragon Wudang Mountain has been one of the most famous mountains in China for centuries because of the Wudang Daoist reputation for their martial, medicinal, and spiritual powers.

Beside the many Daoist temples on Wudang Mountain there are also quite a few martial arts schools at the bottom of the mountain where lay practitioners come to learn the Wudang Style. Predating Confucianism and Buddhism the founder of Daoism Laozi coined the term wuwei spontaneously arising, which has become a central theme in all of Asia’s religions most notably Chan and Tantric Buddhism. It is quite evident at Wudang Mountain where the monks practice many forms of daily cultivation such as Taichi Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Wudang Style martial arts, music, internal alchemy, and meditation to develop wuwei in everything the do. To practice without practicing is the supreme practice. The Grandmasters of Wudang Mountain follow the tradition of retiring in a cave retreats and enter the state of immortalization.

Our pilgrimage to Wudang Mountain specializes in Wudang Daoist martial, medicinal and meditation training. If you would like to stay longer or go in to retreat we’ll be glad to arrange it for you.


Sept. 9 Train to Wudang Mountain.

Sept. 10 Visit the Wudang martial arts schools in Wudang Village, Check into Zi Xiao Temple Wudang Martial arts school.

Sept. 11 5am Daoist qigong and meditation, 12 lunch, afternoon Wudang martial arts, dinner, microcosmic orbit meditation.

Sept. 12 5am Daoist qigong and meditation, 12 lunch, afternoon Wudang martial arts, dinner, macrocosmic orbit meditation.

Sept. 13 5am Daoist qigong and meditation, 12 lunch afternoon Wudang martial arts, dinner, rainbow orbit meditation.

Sept. 14 Climb to the Wudang Golden Summit Temple, three orbits meditation practice.

Sept. 15 Train to Beijing.

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