Bagua Zhang

Bagua Zhang is an internal martial art and form of energy cultivation that manifests from the wuji state of primordial consciousness. From the primordial consciousness the taiji wheel turns generating the realms of form with eight characteristics called trigrams. There are four cardinal and intermediate patterns of qi flow. Each pattern has a direction, age, color, symbol, mantra, mudra, channel, point, form, add infintum... and palm change. Bagua Zhang is practiced stepping in a continual circular motion gathering all of the energies of the eight directions while the eight palm changes create circles within the circles like the planets of the solar system rotating and revolving at the same time. Once practitioners can perform all of the eight palm changes their channels have been opened and they can connect with the energies of the eight direction and develop their own unique style based on their own set of circumstances and interactions with the variable energies of others who enter the Bagua sphere.

Sun and moon sails through the sky, a river flows from the mountain.

About the Teacher

The seminars teacher Linhai began studying Asian culture and training in the martial arts in 1973 and ten years later at 21 left for the Far East where he studied kungfu, taji, bagua, qigong, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, philosophy, Shamanism, Daoism adn Budhism under some of the great masters of the East. Fluent is several oriental languages and the author of many books and articles Linhai has appeared on TV and in the movies in Hong Kong, China and the US. With over twenty five years of experience he has continually promoted the knowledge of the ancients from such notable systems Shaolin, Wudang and Emei. He is an honorary member of the board at the Wudang Qigong Hospital in Zhejiang, China and has taught, treated and experimented at New York University, Mount Sinai Hospital, Cornell University, Columbia University and at various institutions and societies around the world. Linhai bridges the gap between the east and west to make the knowledge of the ancients available to the modern world. Direct and to the point he cuts out the fluff so that you can apply the techniques you learn from him immidiately.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a book is worth a thousand pictures, but there is no substitute for the teacher!!!

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